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SoundCloud Adds Distribution Services for Premium Accounts

SoundCloud can now say they are the first streaming platform with built-in distribution services. The Berlin-based company announced artists will be able to upload their music directly to Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tencent, YouTube, and Instagram using SoundCloud distribution.

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Miami Commissioner to Initiate Ultra Discussion During Upcoming City Commission Meeting

Ultra Music Festival's Virginia Key debut is just barely in the rearview, but the political aftermath still lies ahead. Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo, who spearheaded the conversation to end Ultra's contract at Bayfront Park, has sponsored a new discussion item on the City of Miami Commission's next agenda, specifically regarding Ultra. - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists
Minecraft Pulls Off Biggest Virtual Music Festival Yet with Fire Festival

Over the weekend, popular online game Minecraft successfully pulled off a virtual music festival featuring performances by over 50 up-and-coming artists and producers. Fire Festival drew in thousands of users over two days, and created a one of a kind multi-platform experience fit for the digital era.

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David Lee Roth Talks Dance Music, Performing with Armin van Buuren on Ultra's Main Stage [Interview]

With 170,000 festival goers in attendance, and an estimated 30 million live stream viewers, Ultra Music Festival's influence as one of the most prolific live platforms in dance music is undeniable. Year after year, Ultra has kept artists in somewhat of a risk-taking mood as dance music's biggest names strive to create unforgettable moments and connect with their global audiences. - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists
What So Not Talks New Album & Working With TOTO [Interview]

Over the last few years What So Not has had a meteoric rise to recognition as one of the most prominent innovators within the dance music space. This year, he took yet another career-defining leap with the advent of his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things.

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Let the Music Speak for Itself: An Interview with Rain Man | EDM...

Despite maintaining a low profile after his very public discourse in late 2014, Rain Man's intention is far from stepping out of the spotlight. Over the past year he has been gradually developing his solo project, releasing intermittently, yet in such a way that continues to command the prolonged attention and intrigue from fans everywhere.
Pegboard Nerds Talk Gaming, Travel Hacks & Favorite Non-EDM Artists [INTERVIEW]

Cover photo by Lizzy Nunez The 8-bit inspired heroes of dance music Pegboard Nerds have been humble influencers in the electronic music scene over the last five years. Despite the growing sentiment that dubstep as a genre is not what it used to be, the Nerds continue to find success branching outside of the sound that once served as their bread and butter.

EDM Chicago
Going Against the Current: An Interview with Gareth Emery | EDM...

Gareth Emery has been regarded as one of the more genuine and transparent individuals within the electronic music scene. Despite the cycle of ups and downs associated with any successful artists' career, Gareth's career is an interesting case study in that many of his keys to success, from how he packages his music to how he plays his shows, were initially met with criticism from those around him.

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Dare to Innovate: An Interview with SBCR of The Bloody Beetroots |...

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo wants his fans to know that despite his prolonged success with the Bloody Beetroots, it has made him anything but complacent. The man behind the mask continues to channel his inner punk persona more than ever before within his solo project SBCR, a project focused on experimental composition.

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To Stand the Test of Time: An Interview with TyDi | EDM Chicago

Tyson Illingworth, known to his fans as tyDi, is an internationally known, multi-genre producer already with a notable career. He came out strong onto the scene at age 17, winning the title of Australia's #1 DJ shortly thereafter in 2008 and 2009.

EDM Chicago
Spectrums of Sound: An Interview with Odesza | EDM Chicago

Odesza (Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight) has been a strong new presence in the dance music scene recently, bringing a refreshing new sound and innovative live performance to audiences everywhere since 2012. Released late last year, their second studio album "In Return" has been a major hit especially among Indie electronic fans who most appreciate live instrumentation and performance.

EDM Chicago
From the Big Screen to Your Stereo: An Interview with Goshfather &...

There's more to Goshfather & Jinco than being a politically correct old man, and a pair of jeans from the 90's. The duo have come into the scene by storm, demonstrating production versatility, and strength in multiple genres. They're uninhibited by labels, and pigeonholes, and approach their craft with the constant hope of surprising new and existing fans of many EDM subgenres.