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Camille Todaro

Digital Copywriter Intern, The Work Crowd

Location icon United States of America

I have a strong, creative lexicon that’s valuable when it comes to the anatomy of an article. Depending on the author’s ability to utilize syntax, diction and grammatical style, this is the definitive factor when it comes to connecting with the audience and creating loyal readership, resulting in increased circulation of editorial brand. Creative writing is applicable in more ways than just a story. Advertising, marketing and branding all have one commonality: content! Without compelling content, a brand dies. The author’s ability to utilize creative rhetoric is essential to creating familiarity of brand.

Crave: compelling story titles/subheads; a quirky voice that jumps from the piece; utilization of creative rhetoric in any form of editorial content.

Content marketing goes universal

With the rise of social media in recent years and sharing platforms like Pinterest joining the ranks, the obstacle of how to best reach the audience has become more complex. So what internet portals are the hottest for achieving increased circulation? Let's break the platforms down by relevance and purpose.

Are You Living The Life You've Imagined?

With massive advances in digital technology, the remote workplace is becoming ever more popular. Former office slaves are enjoying an epiphany. The liberating feeling that becoming a freelancer brings and being able to work on your own terms is slowly destroying the monotony of the nine to fiver.

Forget commuting into the city every morning

Blue and white collar workers alike, no matter their transportation, attempt to shake off the weekend with each sip of coffee. What if there were a workday that began right from your fingertips- from the patio table on your terrace? Or from that gem of a bookstore that's all too easy to get lost in the literary ambiance of?

Social media gaining popularity for career goals

We are eager to post everything in the social media-sphere for friends and family to keep up-to-date. Your profile picture-a seemingly harmless thumbnail-also serves as a vehicle for potential job opportunities. Indiscriminate details like your profile photo, general information, as well as how you choose to utilise social media, can be the defining factors as to whether a prospective employer does a double take on your résumé or CV.

Ever Wish There Were 26 Hours in the Day

Virtual assistants are the Digital Age solution for maximising productivity. Attempting to act as their own admin team, legal team, accounting team, business development team, and marketing team while still executing the core aspects of their businesses, independent contractors and freelancers are often time poor.

MANAGING REMOTE TEAMS is not just about technology

Smith recently shared his expertise at global conferences on virtual learning. So how do you coordinate a team across several different time zones? Smith explores the fundamentals to overcoming remote team hurdles, and the challenges to what he calls "The Borderless Workplace" over multiple webinars.

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