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Digital storyteller passionate about global issues, development and NGOs communication. Formerly a journalist and radio reporter with a European Master's degree in media and globalization. Also a creative French copywriter and certified linguist, with sharp and witty writing ability.

World traveller who visited over 20 countries and lived in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Senegal, Denmark before settling in the United Kingdom.

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Human Rights

Training young human rights educators in the Middle East and North Africa

Human rights education programmes in the Middle East and North Africa are bringing together young activists to learn how to provide human rights education to other young people. They allow young people to exchange techniques and best practices to improve their facilitation skills and enhance human rights activism in the region.

Bringing communities together to uphold the rights of women living with disabilities

A dozen women sit in front of the National Association for the Physically Handicapped (ANHM) in Thies, Senegal, after a dialogue session on discrimination. "Every day we face challenges," shares Absa Seye a young woman who took part in the session. "Pregnant women living with a disability face stigma and many hesitate to go out during the pregnancy."

Young Danish reporters put human rights on the front page

"It has been important for us to tell the stories we heard in our interviews," shares one of the young reporters. "I was shocked by some of the testimonies", says another. Investigating how gender-based discrimination is formed, and how physical and sexual violence affect women in Denmark, around 7,000 secondary students enrolled in a national journalism competition and became reporters for a week.


Malian refugees trickling back home

Malians are slowly returning from refuge in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger as stability improves more than a year after a military coup and an insurgency shook the West African country. Some 8,148 people who returned on their own were registered between 25 June and 12 July in Mali's Gao, Mopti and Timbuktu regions.

How personal stories can enhance the way we teach human rights

How to present the challenges faced by refugees to a young audience so they can relate to someone else's experience? If you're a teacher and if you've ever considered starting a discussion on refugee rights with your class, you may have wondered this.

7 free short films about refugees recommended by human rights educators

Short films and videos can be useful conversation starters for teachers, educators, facilitators or anyone wishing to learn more about human rights. Here are seven freely available videos on the reality of life as a refugee, ranging from one to 16 minutes in length recommended by Amnesty International's human rights education network.

Global Issues

Gambia - living in fear

Human rights organizations have repeatedly denounced the Gambian regime for forced disappearances, illegal detention, denial of due process, and the abuse and harassment of critics. Yet little progress has been achieved, and local activists are seeing their ability to act recede.

West Africa cholera down but officials vigilant

Some 1,700 people in West Africa have contracted cholera since mid-June, a significant decline compared to the same seven-week period in 2012 when 11,834 were affected. Overall, 50,439 people contracted cholera in West Africa in 2012, according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). Sierra Leone and Guinea saw 30,000 people infected and 400 deaths.

Political cost of defending gay rights in Africa

US President Barack Obama's recent call for equality for gays during his Africa tour drew assurances by his Senegalese counterpart that the country was not homophobic. Yet dismantling anti-gay laws and attitudes carries huge political and religious risks few leaders in the continent are willing to take, rights groups say.

Parenting & Education
Haut en couleurs

Tanja et Miriam se sont lancées un peu par hasard dans la confection de vêtements maman et enfant. La magie a aujourd’hui opéré et leur petite entreprise fait des ravages outre-Sarine.
Ouvrez l'oeil

Les notions de dépistage des troubles visuels chez les enfants sont souvent fl oues pour les parents. Pourtant, bon nombre d’anomalies peuvent être corrigées si elles sont détectées dès les premiers mois de vie.
Une dent pour les cellules souches

Au vu de leur potentiel dans les traitements médicaux, de plus en plus de sociétés privées vendent aux familles la possibilité de stocker les cellules souches de leurs enfants. Enthousiasmé par les récents progrès de la recherche l’une d’elles offre d’extraire ces cellules provenant des dents de lait.

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