Camille Prairie

B2B and B2C Copywriter and SEO Specialist

United States

I'm a copywriter with 5 years of experience writing landing pages, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, and service pages for B2B and B2C audiences. I mostly write in the healthcare and medical industries.

I also have SEO experience. From comprehensive SEO services to content optimization, I oversee site health and improve organic traffic and rankings for my clients in fields like plastic surgery and continuing medical education.

Clients include SonicSEO, Plastix Marketing, Aspire Marketing, BuyandBill, Alchemy Healthcare Solutions, Mt. Matre PR, The Macallan Group, NeuroSpinePlus, RJ Lee Group, Inspire Behavioral Health, Write Medicine, and more.

I'm a North Carolina native and resident. I have a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences focusing on neuroscience and a postgraduate certificate in life sciences. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, gardening, and playing with my Bernedoodle.


Swan Medical Aesthetics

The Aesthetic Edit

The Aesthetic Edit
IPL Laser Facial | The Aesthetic Edit

An IPL Laser Facial is a skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to address various skin concerns. Learn how it can help you!

The Aesthetic Edit
Opus Plasma | The Aesthetic Edit

Opus Plasma® is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapy that promises younger-looking skin with little to no downtime.

The Aesthetic Edit
How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last? | TAE

Discover how long dermal fillers last for youthful, radiant skin. Learn about dermal fillers and their impact on your beauty journey.

The Aesthetic Edit
Hormones | The Aesthetic Edit

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT is a process that addresses hormonal imbalances and improve overall well-being,


Menopause Management - Estrogenica

Menopause management involves employing medical strategies and interventions to mitigate the symptoms and complications with menopause.

Robotic Surgery - Estrogenica

Robotic surgery is a groundbreaking advancement empowering medical professionals to conduct operations with exceptional reliability.

Well Women Exams - Estrogenica

Well Women Exams Well Women Exams are essential to a woman's wellness, prevention of reproductive medical conditions, and family planning. EstrogenicA Health 360 is equipped to provide exceptional care for every woman. With our commitment to providing professional yet personalized attention, EstrogenicA Health 360 ensures that every woman receives the highest standard of care during [...]

Diamond Glow Facial - Estrogenica

Diamond Glow merges three treatments, utilizing a diamond tip with a rough texture to clean out the pores, exfoliate the skin, and inject corrective serums.

IV Hydration Treatment - Estrogenica

IV hydration treatment is a quick and effective way to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes when oral rehydration methods aren't sufficient.

Gynecologic Surgery - Estrogenica

Gynecologic surgery plays a significant role in addressing various medical conditions affecting the female reproductive system. Learn more!

Aesthera Plastic Surgery

NeuroSpine Plus

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can arise from a variety of injuries, conditions, or diseases, often caused by damage to the muscles or tendons in the back. The intensity of pain can range from mild to severe, sometimes making it challenging or even impossible to engage in basic activities such as walking, sleeping, working, or carrying out daily tasks.

Neck Pain

Neck pain refers to the discomfort experienced in or around the cervical spine, which is the area of the spine located beneath the head. This condition can be caused by various injuries or medical conditions.

Inspire Behavioral Health

Inspire Behavioral Health
5 Tips to Help You Beat the Winter Blues

If you found yourself dreading the beginning of Daylight Savings Time each year as we "fall back", you aren't alone: 38% of Americans report a decrease in their mood in the winter.

Inspire Behavioral Health
How to Set Your Personal Goals and Achieve Them in 2024

The average New Year's resolution lasts a little under 4 months. Although most of the American population is committed to lofty fitness, travel, and work goals, New Year's resolutions are notorious for not sticking around very long. Whether you're setting goals in January or later in the year, there's

Inspire Behavioral Health
Support Groups

Intuitive Eating! Experience a shift in your relationship with food and body image in our Intuitive Eating small group. Based on the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, this group will help you reconnect with your body's internal cues for hunger and fullness, as well as find satisfaction in the eating experience.

Inspire Behavioral Health
How to Cope When the Holidays Are Hard on Your Mental Health

'Tis the season! Bells are jingling, trees are being decorated and slung on top of cars, and people are bustling down the sidewalk to get last-minute shopping done. The excitement in the air is palpable. So why do 38% of American adults report feeling more stress during the holiday season?

NIMS Medspa

NIMS Med Spa
PRP/PRF Treatment | NIMS Med Spa

Utilizing PRP or PRF therapy offers a natural method for promoting the growth and regeneration of hair and skin cells.

Inspire Wellness & Aesthetics
Hair Restoration (Alma TED) | Inspire Wellness & Aesthetics

Hair restoration is a transformative and empowering solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning. A full head of hair can play a significant role in enhancing one's confidence. With advancements in technology and medical expertise, the field of hair restoration has evolved to provide effective, non-invasive solutions.

Philadelphia Facial & Plastic Surgery

Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgery & Medspa
Medspa Services | Philadelphia, PA Medspa

At Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, Michael Razzano offers medspa services to help you feel your best each & every day.

BuyandBill/Alchemy Health Solutions

Buy And Bill
ERWINASE J Code: J9019 | Clinigen Group | Oncology

ERWINASE is an asparagine-specific enzyme derived from Erwinia chrysanthemi used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). It is most often used as one part of a multi-therapeutic regimen for ALL. ERWINASE (J9019) works by catalyzing the deamination of asparagine in leukemic cells, depriving them of any asparagine and causing cell death since leukemic cells do not synthesize their own asparagine.

Buy And Bill
Skyrizi J Code: J2327 | Abbvie | Immunology:Anti-TNF

SKYRIZI is a monoclonal antibody used to treat Crohn's disease, psoriatic arthritis, and plaque psoriasis. It acts by binding to interleukin-23 (IL-23) and limiting its interaction with the IL-23 receptor, inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines that IL-23 stimulates.

Buy And Bill

REZZAYO is an antifungal medication commonly indicated for use in patients who have very few or no other treatment options available for invasive candidiasis or candidemia. It is an echinocandin that effectively inhibits the 1,3-ꞵ-D-glucan synthase enzyme, preventing further formation of 1,3-ꞵ-D-glucan, a vital component in the cell walls of fungi.


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Health & Wellness

What "Booty Juice" Is and Why It May Be Outlawed

Minors have admitted to being involuntarily injected with Haldol. We aren't talking about it enough. "Love and abuse cannot coexist."-bell hooks I was innocently searching SEMrush to find a topic to write about that wasn't super-saturated. The term "Booty juice" caught my eye, giving me...

Seed Reviews
Meditation Script

Meditation Script for a client that includes journaling prompts. Based on a self-help book.

I Meditated Every Day For A Week

Here are 3 exceptional life improvements I noticed Many people attribute a "natural high" to meditation due to the amount of endorphins that can be released and the relaxation that can be experienced. I completely agree. This week was not my first attempt at meditating regularly, but a return back to this practice I love.

How Yoga Works To Help You Sleep Better

The science behind the practice co-opted by white women in Lululemon "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"-Swami Satchidanana This reminder has come in handy when constructing what should be a fairly straightforward article about how yoga can work in your life to improve sleep, something that 1 in 3 adults(at...

How To Build A Meaningful Daily Gratitude Practice

No empty, feel-good promises here. Let's do a deep dive into how to make use of the 14 gratitude journals you have *My yoga teacher showed me this practice this morning, and now I'm going to show it to you.

3 Commonly Misunderstood Health Fads That Need A Critical Eye

Don't forget to take your "power dust" before reading! As a society, I think we tend to perceive politicians, particularly ones that maybe evade taxes or pay for their girlfriend's abortions while running on an anti-abortion platform as a blight on our society. These people, these anti-vaxxers, they're what we need to heal...

Travel Writing

8 Experiences In Philadelphia That Don't Scream, "Tourist!"

The Liberty Bell didn't make the cut. My college roommate and I used to go to La Colombe, a coffee shop in the northeast that has a few stores in Philadelphia to blow off steam. Our ritual was such: we would get mochas and sandwiches that were overpriced and came on fancy little dishes.

24 Hours In Belize Has Convinced Me To Leave The United States

I have been in Placencia, Belize for a little more than one day. It's already 8:44 p.m. on the East Coast of the United States. Logically I know this is because I am 2 hours behind Eastern Standard Time here. However, it seems like it is 8:44 pm in the U.S.

8 Places You Must See In Argentina

From snow-capped mountains to the world's largest waterfall, this slender country has it all. By the time six months is up, you'll feel at home, and it will be time to leave. My host mom told me that when I went to live in Buenos Aires in college-and she was right.

Lifestyle Writing

4 Pieces of Advice To Help You Grow As A Full-Time Freelancer

Congratulations, you've picked a doozy of a job If you're anything like me, freelancing is your dream come true. Even on your worst days, when you're sick of stuffing you're body into a chair in front of a desk again and again or when fear of chronically bad posture strikes and you seriously consider getting a desk that will...

The Only Income Stream You'll Need To Survive As A Writer

I've been seeing a lot of "5 Income Streams that make up my monthly paycheck" type articles recently. The narrative in the marketing/freelancing/writing world seems to be shifting towards diversification. I love diversification. I love options. I don't love spreading myself thin for too little compensation.

My Relationship Helped Me Understand 3 Things About Love

Do you ever realize you've had a lot of misconceptions about life? Relationships, love, the whole shebang? Here are some of the understandings I've come to through having a long-term, wonderful relationship. We can call them things I would tell my younger self.

The Copywriter's Dilemma

How do we sell ourselves just as we are? Selling authenticity is one of the hardest things I think I've ever done- but here I go again. Writing this piece was a good reminder that I started writing as an effort to document my experience as a quasi-adult trying to find her voice in public, in all of my messy, human glory.



Ghostwriting for Wildlife Informer
3 Types of Bears in North America (Pictures) - Wildlife Informer

Bears are large mammals that are part of the Ursidae family. There are eight species of bears in the world, and they can be found on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. Of the eight species of bear in the world, only three can be found in North America.

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