Cameron Hines


Location icon United States of America

Cameron Hines is a published author, Columbia College alumni, freelance filmmaker, and father of one cat. In all his work, whether it is a film script, poem, short story, or comedy sketch, Mr. Hines breathes life, comedy, and thoughtfulness to his work and his audience.

Base Thoughts
Base Thoughts

"Base Thoughts" is a 38 poem anthology written and published by Cameron Hines. The project is a 60 page book and a 10-video compilation, curated by Cameron Hines and shot by local Chicago filmmakers.

Comedy Sketch
Work's a Snooze

Work's a Snooze is one of four sketches that the sketch group "The Storefront" has performed of Mr. Hines' in 2018.

Short Script
The Isolator

Short Script written as writing exercise