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Cameron Higgins

Senior Copywriter

Location icon United States

My name is Cam Higgins and I'm a Southern ex-ski bum turned New York-dwelling wordsmith. By day, I'm a varsity copywriter/editor and journalist. By night, I'm a junior-varsity novelist who went to college, Jackson Hole, then Columbia for my Masters in Creative Writing.

I am a shameless nerd for language. Crafting concise and fiery sentences is my absolute jam.  There’s nothing I dig more than turning an undressed word salad into a hearty dish. When I don't have my nose to the page, I snowboard, mountain bike, read novels, surf, scratch cats under the chin and eat Tex-Mex as much as possible.

Hannah Gadsby's Nanette is No Joke

Gadsby is obviously very, very funny. Surprisingly, Gadsby got a bit of a comedic late start. "I was 27 before I took up comedy. It wasn't on my agenda. We didn't have any standup where I'm from, no theatre or anything. I had very practical plans.

Pulling a Bradbury: Australian Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury

Three-ish weeks ago, with the winter Olympics on the horizon, the phrase "pulling a Bradbury" started getting tossed around the CONVICTS' office. As your standard-issue American, I assumed the phrase was just another piece of inscrutable Australian slang. Turns out, though, that "pulling a Bradbury," refers to the Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury's victory in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

A Baltimore Club Dance Cypher

To investigate the cultural phenomenon of Baltimore Club dance, we got in touch with three of the scene's most influential current characters. TT The Artist is a Baltimore club musician, rapper and filmmaker. Though she's from Miami, TT came to Baltimore for art school and never left.

Dear Future Humans

We aren't sorry. Sure, we were worried about you...But not that much. What did you expect us to do? You mad about those giant dirty mountains of plastic waste looming on the horizon? Sorry we were thirsty. What about those wildfires burning on the edge of town?