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Journalist and writer

Location icon South Africa

I am a young and passionate journalist that has a passion for writing and journalism. I have managed to accrue over five years of working experience while studying part-time through the University of South Africa before completing my Journalism studies at CityVarsity in Cape Town.

During my studies, there was an emphasis on learning practical skills such as hard news writing and feature article writing, sound and video editing, interview skills, Photoshop, and web design. I will be able to apply these skills and more in the Media and Journalism industry.

Free Concert makes Jazz Fest more accessible to locals | Weekend Argus

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival (CTIJF) has long been considered an exclusive event with not many Capetonians not being able to afford the tickets. However, the festival's free concert has given locals an opportunity to enjoy local musicians. Liz Dludlu was one of the many spectators enjoying the concert with her daughter and her daughter's friend.

PICS: Retired guide dog 'graduates' from Stellenbosch University | Weekend Argus

Cape Town - A retired guide dog named Donna "graduated" from Stellenbosch University with her visually-impaired companion, Michelle Nel. Nel and Donna took to the podium wearing a yellow ribbons while Nel received her master's degree in music cum laude. Nel began her music studies in 2005 while she was already on her way to completing a PhD in Psychology.

Mystery as 14 dead sharks wash ashore in Gansbaai | Weekend Argus

Cape Town - The bodies of 14 bronze whaler sharks were discovered near Gansbaai earlier this month. The sharks are listed as near threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature list, because they are being targeted in commercial and recreational fishing for their meat.

'First Muslim to die, greeted attacker' | Weekend Argus

Cape Town - The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has called on South Africa's leaders to do more to counter Islamophobia in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in New Zealand, which saw at least 49 Muslims slain. Mosques across the country and the world yesterday dedicated their prayers to the victims of the horrific attack.

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