Caitlyn Oliver

Senior Journalism major, Marketing minor, Georgia Southern University

Location icon United States of America

I've written for The George-Anne and Southern Spotlight and I want to expand my abilities. I enjoy photography and editing, whether it's photo or video. I've done wedding proposal photos, senior and prom photos, and written in different styles other than cut-and-dry news. Possessing a fire to learn, research and write about things that matter may seem idealistic but I plan to pursue it anyway.

Photography Work

I have been asked to take photos for people I know and volunteered my services through a request on a Facebook yardsale page. There are a few of the photos from those shoots.

The George-Anne
Media Coverage Today

An opinion piece voicing a critical outlook of the media field and it's coverage, especially in relation to the 2016 election.

Southern Spotlight
The Political Drug

Sometimes an election is about more than just the candidates.

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