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Published writer (23, Urban Studies BA from Hunter College) who works administratively and electorally in politics in NYC and also has interest and knowledge in pharmacology and urban issues (transportation, disaster planning, etc.). I will also always write cute puff pieces on dogs. Always.

My work keeps me absurdly busy but I also write creatively (prose and poetry) when time allots.



NewsWire NewYork
New Yorkers Fight Back Against Trump Trans Ban

New York, N.Y. - A mass protest occurred yesterday in the middle of crowded Times Square to vocally protest President Donald Trump's announcement that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States military. The decision appeared to come out of left field, being abruptly announced on Twitter so quickly that...

NewsWire NewYork
Malliotakis Goes Mayoral

New York, N.Y. - On a rainy morning on May 5th, Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican and sitting state Assembly member for Staten Island and a small part of Bay Ridge, announced her candidacy for mayor of the City of New York to a small crowd on the steps of City Hall.

NewsWire NewYork
GOP Mayoral Forum: Massey Argues Credibility; Faulkner Shows Charisma

On the first of March the Republican Party of Brooklyn hosted a forum (the first of many, according to the executive committee) for two mayoral hopefuls on the GOP ticket - Paul Massey, the moderate Bloomberg-like contender originally from Boston, and the charismatic conservative reverend and former New York Jet Michael Faulkner - at the...

NewsWire NewYork
Eisenbach Talks Issues With East Villagers

On the evening of April 12, local East Village cocktail bar The Wayland hosted an event to promote David Eisenbach, a Columbia University history professor and television personality who is running against incumbent Letitia James and community activist Tony Herbert for the office of NYC Public Advocate.

Personal Essay/Opinion

NewsWire NewYork
On Service: A Response to Trump's Transgender Military Ban

As a member of the LGBT community the greater New York City area, my struggles are not immense. I feel free to reveal and discuss my bisexuality knowing that most likely the worst that will come of it will be some lewd comment from a man who will have ended our conversation then and there...

NewsWire NewYork
Stop The Stigma: Language And Mental Illness

OPINION / Caitlin Scanlon The month of May usually brings warmer weather and some well-deserved time off for college students, but for people struggling with mental illness it has recently taken on a much deeper significance. May has been declared by the United States Congress to be National Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month and, as...

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