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Caitlin Lydon


I am a writer who is interested in arts and culture and social issues. I have been published in a variety of formats, including interviews, reviews, and longer feature pieces. I currently work across arts organisations such as BFI, Film London and The British Film Commission as Young Audience Consultant and Digital Coordinator.

Below is a portfolio of some of my work.

I can be contacted at [email protected]

Girl Germs podcast

Legendary independent record label Kill Rock Stars have launched a podcast miniseries celebrating the 25th anniversary of Potty Mouth - the seminal album of Bratmobile. Separated into five bite-sized parts, Girl Germs charts the musical journey of Allison Wolfe, Erin Smith and Molly Neuman, who came together during the early days of Riot Grrrl -...

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night review: gender-bending genre-blending

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, director Ana Lily Amirpour's first feature, is not the film the title may at first suggest. All notions of vulnerability and helplessness that come to mind with this loaded title are a mere red herring, the first of many ways in which Amirpour undermines the audience's preconceived ideas about what it takes to be a predator, and who is fit to be prey.

Going against the grain: 4 games that brilliantly tackle women's issues | Gadgette

Life Is Strange is a "choose your own adventure" game that places the player in the shoes of Max Caulfield [Ed: not the guy who played the lead in Grease 2, apparently], a teenage girl who returns to her hometown to attend the elite (and largely corrupt) Blackwell Academy - and realises she has the power to rewind time.

Never Alone: the game created with Native Alaskan tribespeople | Gadgette

The CITC, a nonprofit organisation which aims to provide both social and educational services to Native Alaskans, embraced technology in order to create something that would not only preserve their cultural heritage, but would help younger members of the community identify with the traditions of the culture.

5 videogames making excellent use of licensed music | Gadgette

The TV-like, episodic structure of Alan Wake is key in showcasing some of the best music moments in the game, as it uses a different song to signify the end of each chapter, playing out the song in its entirety whilst the episode credits run.

Female friendly Tinder alternatives | Gadgette

Tinder, the quick and addictive dating app, has certainly changed the game for online dating, simplifying the system to the point where the process becomes almost like a game. However, the app is also becoming known for its increasing reputation for creepy guys sending unsolicited sexual requests and harassing young women.

The 1989 effect: 15 song covers that give the originals a makeover | Gadgette

The recent release of Ryan Adams' cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989 has changed the way tracks like Blank Space sound forever, swapping Swift's poppy sass filled anthems for something far more sombre. However, Adams is hardly the first musician to dip their toe into another artist's work to try and re-invent it for themselves.

1883 Magazine
O Emperor

For Irish rock band O Emperor, patience is certainly a virtue. After releasing their debut album Hither Thither with major label Universal in October 2010, the band decided to take what they called a more "DIY approach" to their music, breaking from the label and venturing out on their own to record and release their sophomore album, Vitreous.

1883 Magazine
Gold and Youth

The names Matthew Lyall, Jeff Mitchelmore and Murray McKenzie were once synonymous with now defunct indie band Raccoons - however, with the addition of Louise Burns, the Canadian foursome have ventured into a new genre with the gothic indie-electronic sound of Gold & Youth, which has been making waves with their EP and newly released album Beyond Wilderness.

1 in 5 Adults Experience Financial Abuse, So Why Is No One Speaking Out?

While physical and mental abuse are widely discussed topics, unfortunately, financial abuse is largely ignored. Financial abuse affects 1 in 5 adults in the UK, with 60% of those being women. Despite this, it's a widely unknown problem, with a third of victims opting to remain silent.

Frightened Rabbit turned their troll's comments into a t-shirt

There are many ways to deal with the elusive and eternally irritating internet troll: you can ignore them and hope your silence is infectious, you can engage with them and hope you manage to reason your way out of the online battlefield of Twitter, or you can try something completely off the wall like Scottish indie-rock band Frightened Rabbit, and sell t-shirts based on some of the trolls' weirder comments.

One Four Seven
Bury Our Friends (feat. Miranda July)

An exciting and unexpected new single from Sleater-Kinney, who have reformed after nine long years apart. Equal parts catchy and dark, Bury Our Friends is a self assured, powerful track that stays on the edge of sweet and sour throughout, reminding us why bands like Sleater-Kinney are just as important for us now as they were for the riot grrrls of the 90's.

One Four Seven
Just One of the Guys

Expertly blending her classic confessional, anxious lyrics with a lazily whimsical melody, former Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis' new track takes aim at sexual double standards and gender bias, all whilst lamenting her own loudly ticking biological clock. The Voyager, her third solo album, came out last week.

One Four Seven

Carrisa's Wierd member Jenn Ghetto is back with a new album from her solo project 'S', streaming the second single, 'Brunch', for all to hear. 'Brunch' remains as piercingly intimate and introspective as her earlier work, her voice oscillating between quiet fragility and confidence as she bluntly describes the bitter ends of a break up.

One Four Seven
Body Music

Aluna Francis and George Reid pack some elements for a triumphant record, but their inability to cut any bold shapes might just prove the key hindrance, writes Caitlin Lydon Honest attempts at pop music often stand accused of putting catchy hooks and over-processed beats before musical integrity and depth.

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