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Caitlin Highland

Communications Consultant

Location icon United States

Caitlin Highland is a communications professional with experience in earned and digital media. Most recently, she served as Stacey Abrams' press secretary during her historic campaign for Governor of Georgia. She has worked with candidates, legal teams, authors, and small businesses to craft a message that resonates and get great media coverage. And her email marketing and social media work has helped brands reach new levels of engagement and raise record amounts of money -- all while staying fresh.

Highland is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College.

Inside Stacey Abrams' $42M campaign for governor

In the tense days before the May primary, poll after poll showed Stacey Abrams with a steady, if not overwhelming, lead over Stacey Evans. At Abrams' Kirkwood headquarters, though, her aides weren't sweating it. Their own massive field operation kept signaling the same thing: A blowout victory.

Interviews and Stories I Worked On

Stacey Abrams builds massive political network ahead of 2020 decision

Stacey Abrams is set to reveal soon whether she'll run for president or senator or something else. But in recent months, the Democrat has mounted a nationwide, largely below-the-radar effort to expand her donor and political network that will make her an instant force whatever she decides.


Fundraising email
This election is personal for me

Growing up I knew I wanted to serve my community, but I was thinking of becoming a scientist or a nun — politics was for old guys in smoke-filled rooms. I never saw myself as a senator, and even when I decided to run in 1986 it looked like an uphill battle. Members of the old boys' club kept saying I didn't "look the part."

Albany Southwest Georgian
Demand Our Voices be Heard

The lessons of 2018 will not soon be forgotten. An election marred by myriad issues – long lines, lost absentee ballots, malfunctioning machines and more – has led to uncertainty about our elections.

Abrams-backed Fair Fight Action Lawsuit Submits Over 200 Declarations from Voters Who Faced...

Fair Fight Action submitted over 200 signed declarations from Georgia voters who faced burdens when attempting to cast their ballots during the 2018 General Election and December runoff to opposing counsel and sent summaries to the court. "Today Fair Fight Action releases our first wave of sworn statements by Georgia voters detailing the many forms of voter suppression.