Caitlin Donohue


CDMX gringa

My work deals with the power of identity and community, especially the ways these are refracted between the US and Latin America.

Please enjoy my clips on marijuana, sexuality, perreo, and other societal forces.

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Behind the "M Word": The Forgotten Trans-Border History of Marijuana

Our past and present marijuana-related stigma, racial inequality, and loss of life are impossible to bifurcate at the US-Mexico border, wall or no wall

FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

A beginner's guide to reggaeton

As another global industry-confirmed “boom” brings urban Latin genres into speakers across the world, it seems ever more imperative to hype reggaeton history

Open Space

El Bordo: Conversations With Tijuana's Border Artists in the Trump Era

The brightest lights of Tijuana are attached to a wall that, contrary to chants at our president’s campaign rallies, already exists


At [email protected] House, Mexican Deportees and Returnees Find Help Starting Over

“Even the undocumented community never really asks what happens when their neighbor disappears”


Traición and the Unanswered Questions of the Commercialization of Queer in Mexico City

As the party’s official chronicler, door wench, and host, I was kept busy staffing the wall of foot-long dildos


How Bad Bunny Became the Poster Boy of Trap en Español

Today Bad Bunny is one of the most sought-after artists in his genre, and he’s also making waves far outside the world of reggaeton and Latin trap


At Mexico City's Mami Slut Parties, Gender-Fluid Perreo Reigns

"Before Mami Slut and vogueing, I was a person who identified as gay and that’s it. There was no other possibility, you know?”

48 hills

Mexico City: The fallacy of 'cheap'

Keep those expat boho dreams from blocking your view

48 hills

SESTA/FOSTA: A guide to protecting our sex workers

"I’m looking forward to the day that we don’t have to work so damn hard to exist”

High Times

Mexico City's First Weed Club to Use Courts to Spur Change

No responsible plan of legalization would give control of production to the private companies or corrupt politicians who many feel are the real beneficiaries of Mexico’s drug war


Activists Demand Justice as Violence Against Trans Community in Mexico Goes Unchecked

Many have little doubt as to why the violence has reached epidemic proportions


Immigration and LGBTs: Central Americans Limbo

In a Mexico City immigrant shelter, Jessica Noemi Coro Lorenzana is considering another run at a life in the United States

SF Evergreen

La Abuela: Fernanda de la Figuera is Spain's grandmother of marijuana

Over 50 years after her first puff, de la Figuera is uniquely placed to make a difference

48 hills

Chilean feminists take over 14 university campuses in response to accusations of sexual assault -...

My first questions were about logistics. I wanted to know just how one shuts down a campus


Bala Club on Industrial Reggaeton's Place in the London Club Scene

Uli jokes that Kami’s motivation to DJ is to create equal parts fear and desire to dance

Marie Claire

I Let My Roommate Film My First Threesome for Porn

​This is how it happened, in real life


Así se baila vogue en México

"Pienso que sí es posible un futuro para el vogue en México"