Caitlin Claire Morris

Writer and Editor

United States

I am a writer, editor, and educator, currently teaching writing and literature at Bellevue College. Beyond teaching, I write for Grunge Magazine and am the co-host of the podcast Special Lady Day.

I received my MFA from Western Washington University’s MFA program where I focused on writing fiction and creative non-fiction. My writing and reading interests focus on traditionally marginalized voices and stories in a range of genres--literary fiction and memoir to mysteries and science fiction. Born and raised in Seattle, I have lived in Switzerland, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Boston.


Creative Work: Fiction and Podcast

Halfway Down the Stairs
Thursdays, by Caitlin Morris

Lately, my anger and I have been hanging out more regularly. At first, we saw each other in passing, just a nod in work meetings, a quick "hi" on the evening commute, a knowing look during calls from our brother. We saw a lot of each other on the internet too.

Jersey Devil Press

When she realized she’d forgotten the peaches, she was idling at the four-way stop a block away from home, and the peaches were still on the side of a country road forty-five minutes outside the city. She closed her hands tighter over the steering wheel, envisioning the abandoned cardboard boxes. Inside them, the sweet peaches, pock-marked by sparrows, wriggling with ants.

Ghost Parachute
The Procedure - Ghost Parachute

A while ago, I dreamed that I was sick. I went to the doctor, and she told me that my illness had to be cured immediately. "How?" I asked. "By removing your heart," she said. "It's very easy." She gave me a knife. "After it's out, put your heart on this tray," she said pointing [...]

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Caitlin Morris

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C. Morris - Grunge

Caitlin has been a professional writer and editor for over ten years, focusing on literature, culture, and history. Currently, she is a lecturer in the English Department at a Seattle-area college.

C. Morris - Tasting Table

Caitlin has been a professional writer and editor for over ten years, focusing on literature, culture, and history. Currently, she is a lecturer in the English Department at a Seattle-area college.

SR 167 and the Ancient Art of Masonry

When you think about highway noise walls-which I'm sure you do on a daily basis-the word romantic probably isn't the first adjective that comes to mind. But that's exactly how our own Paul Kinderman, State Bridge and Structures Architect, describes the technique used to create the 1.3-mile noise wall along the eastside of SR 167 in Algona.

Seeing Double: Restriping begins between Bothell and Lynnwood on I-405

What do 850 football fields, 1,500 Boeing 747 wingspans and the height of 21 Mt. Rainiers have in common? They all stretch 300,000 feet. That’s also how much new striping our crews will install on Interstate 405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood in preparation for express toll lanes opening Sept. 27. Starting as early as late Friday, Sept. 18, between Interstate 5 in Lynnwood and NE 160th Street, drivers will begin to see double white lines on I-405. Restricted HOV access begins Saturday.

Giving runoff pollution a...swirly?

Caring for the environment is about to take a page from the old high school prank book. On Friday, Oct. 23, crews will begin installing a new storm water drainage system along northbound I-405 in Bothell that literally swirls debris and pollutants away from water headed to the Sammamish River.

The Bothell Braids Untangled: Understanding the new I-405/160th interchange

On the morning of August 31, Bothell drivers who haven't had their first cup of coffee could find themselves headed for a surprise as they attempt to enter northbound Interstate 405 from Northeast 160th Street. Currently, drivers are using a temporary ramp located on the south side of Northeast160th Street.

You want it? You got it.

Ever since the I-405 Express Toll Lanes opened in September 2015, we've been listening to your feedback and suggestions for how we can improve the system. While we can't make every change, when we see an opportunity to improve the system, we want to do it. Starting Thursday night, our contractor's crews will continue making adjustments to the express toll lanes based on your feedback.