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I am a Journalism Student at Bethel University who dreams of writing a profile comparable to Gay Talese's 'Frank Sinatra Has A Cold' (Scott Winter told me to dream big). I like shooting moments because pictures are worth at least seven words, if not more. Don't watch Nacho Libre with me because I'll quote every line.

Gallery: Budweiser Clydesdales delight downtown

Eight Budweiser Clydesdales, in full show attire, filled Huber Park with fans of all ages Wednesday afternoon. Men, women, and children watched with glee as the hitch team prepared the majestic horses for a tour of downtown Shakopee. Pulled behind the "gentle beasts" was the famous red and gold wagon filled with Budweiser beer to be delivered to downtown businesses.
Love on the ropes

Rodeo is family. Rodeo is life. At least that's how it is for Jody and Kassie Green. Jody competes professionally in tie-down roping and Kassie competes professionally in barrel racing. The married couple travels full time to rodeos all around the country. Jody is a from Marlow, Oklahoma.

The Clarion
Chavez Cuts

By Carlo Holmberg Leonel Chavez walks into Dr. Kevin Johnson's Entrepreneurship and Innovation class to the "Shark Tank" theme song. He pitches his idea claiming his business will serve the masses that suffer from singleness and persecution. It will give confidence back to people in a space that emphasizes community.

None of the above

Bethel University Missional Ministries Instructor Erik Leafblad researches non-religious persons and how God may be working outside of the church.

Feeding family on ice cream

Ice cream in Central Parque, Antigua all day, everyday, to provide for the Ramirez squad.

Bethel University Clarion
I am somebody

Maxfield Elementary School makes a difference in the upbringing of the children in the Rondo community by providing its students with resources to promote self-esteem and values stretching far beyond the classroom.

Setting the stage

Claudia Rancati hopes to expand the music scene in Guatemala.

Bethel University Clarion
The Pull: NPR videographer Nickolai Hammar

Nickolai Hammar graduated from the University of Nebraska in his hometown of Lincoln with a journalism major. Hammar has gone from interning at an unpaid music non-profit to interning at NPR Music and now working full-time with Morning Edition. But it took him four tries to get in the door at NPR.


Bethel University Clarion
Outdoor bits: Estes State Park

The beauty of Emerald Lake blew me away in every way possible, despite the austere conditions of the trek.

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