Brooke Thomas


Location icon United States of America

I recently graduated Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I am taking a gap year to explore my options before entering graduate school.
I have experience writing for Vassar's student newspaper, the Miscellany News, as well as creating publicity content for Vassar's English Department, the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition, and Vassar's Counseling Service.

Make vegan lemon pancakes without help from the Deece

I've never had Deece pancakes, but when I asked my roommates just now how they are, they both said, "Pffft," so they must not be that great. Plus, they aren't available all day. I've just been told they sometimes have chocolate chips but not that often. And don't they have anything else?

Never pay for vegan yogurt again with this frugal hack

There is a prevailing notion on this campus as well as outside of it that being vegan is expensive. As a vegan from a low-income houseĀ­hold, I would love to dispel this myth. Don't get me wrong, being vegan can be very expensive, but being an omnivore can be as well.

You gotta give your veggie lasagna some vegan ricotta

Growing up with three siblings, my favorite meals were the ones I was allowed to eat as much of as I wanted because we weren't going to run out. Mac and Cheese was a stand-by. We would get in trouble if we wasted any and, having a bottomless stomach, the duty of finishing off the second or third box usually came to me.

Vegan, nut-free mac and cheese to tempt omnivores

Do you think you can't go vegan because you will miss cheese? Try out this recipe and then reevaluate. Vegan cheese, or cheeze, depending on how much you care about etymology, likely brings up thoughts of strange, viscous, unmeltable goop. But like dairy cheese, not all vegan cheese is made equal!

Homemade banana ice cream creates alt vegan dessert

You know Veganism is catching on when Ben & Jerry's starts making almond milk-based "frozen dessert." (A note about that term: I hate it. Ice cream is ice cream even if it is made without any cows involved.)

This eggless vegan cake is a worthwhile whisk to take

One of the questions I'm asked most frequently when people try something I've baked is, "What did you use instead of eggs?" Most of the time I don't know what to say because I didn't take a non-vegan recipe and make it vegan; I took a vegan recipe from the multitude of those on the internet and made it.

Vegan bean-inspired dessert sub proves aquafab-ulous

A few years ago a friend told me about a Facebook group where people were talking about meringues with the goo from canned chickpeas. Naturally, I asked her to add me to the group immediately. First of all, what do we call it? Fortunately, the official name is aquafaba, not chickpea goop; aqua: water, faba: beans.