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Patrick Swift

Freelance Contributor @ Mixmag, Crack Magazine, Native Instruments, Sked Social, Everpress + more

Location icon United Kingdom

Experienced digital/social marketer and freelance contributor with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry and media production industry. Skills in writing, social media, marketing, Google Analytics, creative, WordPress, journalism, content management systems (CMS), Photoshop and public relations. Strong media and communications professional graduated from Northumbria University.

Crack Magazine
A masterclass in rave: Aphex Twin's first London club show in a decade

The last time Aphex Twin played in London was at Field Day in 2017, and the last time he played a London club set was in 2009 at Matter – a venue that no longer exists. It’s no wonder then that his show at Printworks, which serves as part of Red Bull Music Festival’s first London edition, is sold out.

A Guide to Promoting Your T-Shirt Campaign on Facebook

If you want to sell T-shirts on Facebook and Instagram, you need to think like Facebook and Instagram (which are becoming increasingly similar). As many social marketers know, it can be tough to get your content seen by the people who like your page, let alone reach those who don't.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Posting and Scheduling - Schedugram

Like many things in life, planning is crucial. If you have not planned well, you may find yourself struggling. It is no different when it comes to using Instagram as a social media marketer. Here, we are going to take a look at how to make Schedugram work best for you when it comes to planning and scheduling.

Comment: conscious clubbing

2016 is all about ethical partying. Iceland's Secret Solstice is running on volcano power (and zero carbon), festivals are starting up with the explicit aim of raising money for charity, and DGTL in Amsterdam, Comunite in Mexico and Outline Festival in Moscow are completely vegetarian.

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