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Levi Strauss
Mobilizing The Power of Youth For the Environment - Levi Strauss

Climate change. Pollution. Overtaxed landfills. The depletion of natural resources ... The list of environmental challenges facing the world is getting longer by the day. Charles Orgbon thinks there is a secret weapon in this battle: young people. "Young people are curious about the world, and fearless about the world, because they don't know what to be afraid of," Charles said.

Levi Strauss
Building Bridges, One Story At A Time - Levi Strauss

There is value in everyone's story - but some are so good, so sweet or funny, so heart-wrenching or spirit-lifting, they simply demand a wider audience. At StoryCorps, a nonprofit organization that records and preserves the stories of everyday people, they get one. Take the tale of old-school Brooklynites Annie and Danny, who agreed to...

Company X Pledges to go Net Positive

A sample announcement for a company that is making the commitment to go net positive by 2025. (Click to download PDF)