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Meet Toast, the puppy mill rescue dog on a mission

This #NationalDogDay, Toast is a dog on a mission. It's easy to see why this pup has become such a star on Instagram, where her photo feed, Toast Meets World, has more than 368,000 followers. After all, in the words of her owner Katie Sturino, "Just look at her!

Hillary Clinton launches official campaign podcast called "With Her"

Hillary Clinton's campaign podcast has officially hit iTunes. The Democratic nominee announced the launch of "With Her," a podcast co-hosted by Max Linsky, that will run through the end of the election. 🎧 Just launched: With Her, our official campaign podcast.

All the historical references in Tim Kaine's DNC speech

Last night at the Democratic National Convention it was Tim Kaine's moment to shine. He officially accepted the VP nomination and delivered an impassioned speech in support of Hillary Clinton. But before starting what he called "the next chapter in our great and proud story," he name-checked a long list of Americans who've made history in the past.

8-year-old writes spunky letter to President Obama

A lot of people are thinking about the direction of our nation, but an 8-year-old girl named Lily took action. Lily's dad is in the Air Force and she has big dreams of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, although she proudly announces that becoming president would be her back-up.

Could "Stranger Things" really happen?

Fans of "Stranger Things" definitely remember an episode titled "The Flea and the Acrobat." There's a chance that viewers even watched and wondered if it contained any truth. We did our best to find that answer. To recap, in this episode, the boys' teacher, Mr. Clarke, uses a paper plate and a pen to draw an image that explains parallel universes.

#PrayForAmerica: Twitter reacts to a week of violence

After a week marked by shocking violence -- the sniper attack that killed five Dallas police officers Thursday night, and the videotaped shooting deaths of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota -- people are taking to social media to express their sorrow and call for peace.

Freshmen decorate dorm rooms to start college in style

College is competitive, but decorating for college may be even more competitive. Dorm rooms have come a long way in the past few years, as shown by various pictures circulating around Instagram. These dorm rooms are nicer than most young adults' apartments and probably nicer still than a lot of folks' homes.

Meet the most fashionable dog on the internet

When most people envision a dapper menswear model, they probably don't immediately drum up a mental image of their dog ... but most people don't have a dog like Bodhi. Known to Instagrammers everywhere as " Menswear Dog," this pup is setting standards far beyond those that typically come to mind for man's best friend, and his owner Yena Kim is intent on keeping it that way.