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Niagara College students facing $75 tuition hike

10 Apr 2013 By BRITTANY ERWINStaff Writer Most Niagara College students will pay $75 more for tuition in the fall.That increase brings the cost of tuition to $2,526 for returning students in regular programs, says college Vice-President Academic Steve Hudson.Hudson says full details of tuition increases have not yet been

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Battle Of The Brushes

This photo won second place in the OCNA Student Photography category 2015

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Building change in Nicaragua

04 Dec 2013 By BRITTANY ERWIN Staff WriterThe First Redeemers Church, in Waterloo, started a church in Telica, Nicaragua, and a group of nine people over the past week, have been finishing what they had started.Sara Wigle, Cody Krause, Diane Leeming, Monica Brandner, Matt Pafft, Cynthia Welacky, Sheri Erwin, Dillon Erwin, and myself and Tim Bunn, all set off to be gophers for the local workers.

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'It's Our Land' a Niagara College documentary

12 Feb 2014 By BRITTANY ERWIN Staff WriterWhat was once known as the world's breadbasket could now be known for something entirely different.An upcoming documentary, titled It's Our Land, explores the developing potash mining industry in Saskatchewan and its effects on farmers, and Canada's economy.The team consists of Niagara College students Danielle Morandini, who is the director; working on the camera are Stacey Koudys and Rob Duckworth.

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Donations making difference for Niagara College

22 Sep 2013 By BRITTANY ERWIN Staff Writer Thanks to the $1,200 donation from the Niagara College Retirees' Association (NCRA), students will now have a new way of seeing things.On Aug.