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Brittani Rable

Content Marketing and Creative Copy

Graduate of The Ohio State University with Bachelor of Arts in English and minor in Creative Writing. Published poet in Mosaic Magazine, Us for President, Panoply, and The Dollhouse.


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Cardinal Acoustics

Gymnasiums, theaters, auditoriums, schools, and gun ranges alike all have a need for acoustical panels to assist in sound management. These panels make a significant difference in the reverberation of sound. But not every panel has the same acoustical properties.


Everything You Need to Know About the History of Scarves

Walk into a clothing store and you'll surely see a scarf on display somewhere. They keep us warm, act as a flexible accessory for any outfit, and sometimes have a dual function in our religious or cultural affiliations. However, what you may not know is that scarves have been worn for centuries, dating all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Mount Baker High School Looks at What Really Matters

Interview conducted by Matt Goodwin, text by Brittani Rable, and filmed by Zach Thayer Chris Bartl's relationship with powerlifting began in his high school days. Although he fell out of touch with it during his time as a personal trainer, he reacquainted himself with the sport later in adulthood.

Last Call Trivia

Tweak Your Biz
How to Facilitate Team Building with Trivia Night - Tweak Your Biz

If you're part of a corporate work environment, you're familiar with the phrase " team building." For some, this means ropes course high up in the trees or age-old communication exercises paired with trust falls. However, these aren't the only ways to encourage a dynamic and successful team relationship.

Ohio. Find it Here. (State Tourism Department)

Ohio. Find It Here.
This Bookshop is a Book Lovers' Dream! - Ohio. Find It Here.

Bibliophiles everywhere know the unparalleled feeling of walking into a bookstore; of being surrounded by the comforting smell of book pages and soothing routine of walking the aisles. Maybe your favorite genre is science fiction, and the one or two aisles filled with robots, aliens, and genetically modified creatures seems like heaven to you.

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Ohio State Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Return of Bern

The Return of Bern In 2009, Dr. Bern Kohler left Columbus for Bozeman, Montana and now, seven years later, he's returned to the buckeye state. Born in Chicago, Dr. Kohler traveled a great deal growing up, spending a good portion of his time in the New England area.

Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Henderson '11

It's no secret that Ohio State alumni go out into the world to do great things. The alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry truly make a difference in their communities and represent the Department with the utmost dignity. One such alumni is Brandon Henderson. Brandon graduated with a B.S.

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