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Copywriter and Digital Communications Specialist

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I am a driven digital communications specialist, with strong writing abilities and a thirst for all things digital. My employment, freelancing experience and journalism degree have all given me me the techniques necessary for creating professional multimedia content, and have honed my natural flair in identifying the features that make copy compelling. My strengths lie in my command of the English language, but I have a passion for new media and the ever-developing online world.

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The Editors Letter

We have arrived at the season of magic and wonder – winter. This issue will reflect everything that is incredible about this time of year, the love you give and the love you receive at Christmas time, celebrating the fantastic year before you, and basking in the mystery and wonder in the one ahead. The beauty of winter is breathtaking - snow and sparkle have inspired designers for generations, and it never goes out of style.


Dear Santa...Love the Compellier Team

Dear Santa...Love the Compellier team The tinsel's out, the tree is up and Christmas jumpers are experiencing life outside of the wardrobe for the first time this year - there's just one thing left to do; Send our letters to St Nick!

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November

There are thousands of fireworks celebrations up and down the country, but we've managed to narrow them down to 5 of the very best.Wherever you are, you can throw yourself into the festivities. There's no excuse for not celebrating! Wednesday 5 November If you're looking for something truly spectacular, Lambeth is definitely the one for you.

Winns Solicitors

Drink driving day after drinking

The AA survey shows that one in five gets in the car the next morning with enough alcohol in their blood to be arrested. It also showed that drivers do try to reduce their alcohol levels in the morning, most common being drinking water and eating a fry up, but most of these tactics do not work.

How not to use the hard shoulder

It is against the law to stop on the hard shoulder - unless it is an emergency. All drivers should know this, yet between July and August last year, over 2,000 drivers stopped on the hard shoulder illegally.


A Year In Search | DDCA

Google has become so entwined with our thought processes that when we have a question to ask or a problem to solve, we no longer vocalise it. Instead, we instinctively reach for the closest internet-enabled device and furiously tap on the little glass screen, safe in the knowledge that Google, our personal genius, will respond accordingly.

Facebook: Say Thanks

Facebook's 'Say Thanks' campaign appeared on my feed this week. Giving users the opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude to the ones they love. Type into your address bar and see for yourself. Look, it's created a video for your best friend (assuming your best friend is the person you interact with the most) using photos of the pair of you.


Street Angels: Watching over students this Christmas

IT'S a typical Friday night in Middlesbrough Town Centre. Brimming with students letting their hair down after a hard week of studying, the high street is lively, the drinks are flowing and it's not long before it all gets a bit out of hand.

Talented northern teens are through to Teenstar grand final

SIXTEEN of our talented performers have made it through to the Teenstar grand final, and are preparing for what could be their big break. Teenstar is a national singing competition for young people, offering £20,000 worth of prizes and the opportunity to perform to music industry experts, who can put them on their path to stardom.

Derren Brown Infamous: Review

Act: Derren Brown: Infamous Venue: Sunderland Empire Date: 03/05/2013 Tside Rating: WRITING a review with the clear instruction not to reveal any of the show to a single soul, is a pretty daunting task. But, I have come to the conclusion that Derren's infallible ability to blow people's minds will already give you an idea of what my Thursday evening was like.

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