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Award-winning and best-selling author & journalist; 'inspirational' teacher & educational consultant // Email: [email protected]; tel. 07970 872469

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"Brin is a messenger of good news in this divided and frightened world." JÓZEF KAPAON

I have over 25 years’ experience writing innovative books and articles covering a very wide range of subject areas - with over 25 books and 350 articles published to date (* = co-authored works in the listings below). I am known especially for my ground-breaking writing and have written several ‘world firsts’ and other highly creative works. My work has won the leading prize for educational writing in the UK, and my books and articles have been very positively reviewed in leading publications across the world. Several of my books have been best-sellers, and have been translated into other European and Asian languages. I have appeared on major international TV and radio stations, such as the BBC News Channel, to talk about my work. My latest book, a social history of Polish people in the UK, led to letters of thanks from Prime Minister Theresa May and Prince William, plus an invitation to meet the Polish Ambassador to the UK. The portfolio below contains numerous examples of my work, many of which you can read in full via links.

TRAINING & CONSULTANCY: I provide training & consultancy services to schools and education professionals on the topics covered by my books. I have supported thousands of schools during my career, with consistently outstanding feedback.



Teachers' Pocketbooks
Accelerated Learning Pocketbook

Additional information about my 'Accelerated Learning Pocketbook', part of an award-winning series of which I was the co-originator.

Teachers' Pocketbooks
Head of Department's Pocketbook *

More information about my 'Head of Department's Pocketbook', part of an award-winning series of which I was the joint originator.

Teachers' Pocketbooks
A-Z of Educational Terms Pocketbook

Further information on my 'A-Z of Educational Terms Pocketbook, part of an award-winning series of which I was the co-originator.

Teachers' Pocketbooks
Secondary Teacher's Pocketbook

Further information about my 'Secondary Teacher's Pocketbook', part of an award-winning series of which I was the joint originator.

Crown House Publishing
We Did it Here!

Further information about my book which draws upon the success of schools across the country to show you how to create important changes in your own school.

Optimus Education
The Learning to Learn Toolkit *

Further information about my essential book for all teachers and learners, which focusses on lifelong learning skills.

Bloomsbury Publishing
The Geography Teacher's Handbook

Further information about my 'Geography Teacher's Handbook', which contains step-by-step guidance on creating outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students for life, as well as for success in their examinations.

Bloomsbury Publishing
Secondary Starters and Plenaries: Geography *

Further information about my highly practical book, which provides busy geography teachers with a wealth of stimulating activities to use in the classroom.

Trotman Publishing
Teaching Uncovered *

Additional information about my careers book for young people wishing to pursue a career in teaching.

Trotman Publishing
Working With Animals & Wildlife *

More information about my careers book aimed at young people wishing to pursue a career working with animals and wildlife.

Biosphere Publications
Binoculars and People

Further information about my much-admired social history of binoculars - the first ever published on the subject.

'Poles in the UK' articles

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
An exclusive interview with the Polish Ambassador

Cultural, scientific and academic cooperation is very important, and in my opinion we can do more in this area especially, because there's still not enough knowledge about Poland in Britain - says Arkady Rzegocki, the Polish ambassador in an interview with Brin Best.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Our Polish heritage is rooted deeply in us, and emigration cannot change this

To celebrate Children's Day, which this year fell on 1 June, Brin Best presents some of the views of Polish children collected during the Poles in the UK project. Children and young people played an important role in the Poles in the UK project, which culminated in the publication of our book last autumn.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
The sky is the limit!

I wanted to contribute something meaningful and useful to society, a good cause which made a difference - says Anna Katarzyna Collins , the co-founder and a trustee of the charity The British Polonia Foundation an interview with Brin Best.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Singing is a therapeutic process

"I will be performing at venues and festivals across the UK, with original tracks and covers. I also work as a voice coach for people of all ages and abilities, helping them to find their own voice and use it correctly.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Woof! Meow! Neigh! A different type of British-Polish cooperation

In the last couple of weeks animal lovers have been captivated by the story of Caleb the German shepherd dog, who found himself at the Kenilworth Dogs Trust centre in Warwickshire. The staff at the centre were initially puzzled as to why this handsome four-year-old animal was not responding to their commands.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
An exclusive interview with film maker Patrick Ney

I want to be remembered for making a difference in helping Poland to be a more positive place in which to live, where Poles are proud of their beautiful country, heritage and history.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
I wanted to create laughter

"Some years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called My Polish Roots and Other Vegetables at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I spoke about my Polish Yorkshire upbringing and cooked barszcz on stage. Yes, my hands were dyed crimson pink by the end of the month!"

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
We can live in harmony together

Beata Borzecka used to be a barista. Now she works for Europe’s largest family-run car company. In an interview with Brin Best she shares her experience illustrating the transition that many Poles in the UK undergo

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Lord Mayor of Hull: "Once you were a friend of a Pole you were a friend for life."

"Polish people have brought their skills and work ethic to Hull and the rest of the UK, showing that they have never been scared to work and strive to achieve success," says Sean Chaytor, the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber in an interview with Brin Best.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Every person is a walking story

“I regret that lack of time prevents me from doing more – because there are a lot of things and a lot of great people in the UK that deserve to be introduced to the public”

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Seriously silly adventurer

“Begin waking up in the morning with a smile on your face and a can-do attitude. Do not let anyone bring you down,”

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
We're aiming for 100,000 downloads worldwide

Four years ago I began thinking about Poles in the UK: A Story of Friendship and Cooperation, an idea that would eventually become the first book to document the Polish contribution to the UK over the last 1,000 years.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Reunions: recreating the past

I’ve had huge interest from all over the world, and many of my photographs went viral on the internet on such sites as BuzzFeed, where they’ve been viewed millions of times.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
Art and being vegan make me feel happy

"I have regular exhibition in Yorkshire, where my work is on sale. The next one takes place from 11-12 February at the Beaver Works in Leeds, during The Resonance Full Moon Art and Music Festival," says Magdalena Brańczyk, the artist and vegan baker in interview with Brin Best.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
We need to understand more of what the Poles achieved and sacrificed

In November, the British author Irena Kossakowski launched her moving book about the extraordinary life of her father Waclaw, who was a Polish war hero. The book is based on the stories Waclaw told Irena of his harrowing journey from Poland to a forced labour camp in Siberia, before travelling to the Middle East, fighting on the Italian battlefields and then finally settling in Britain.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
A platform for exchange ideas and experiences

The idea of the Club is to bring existing Polish businesses together, but also to educate people who are just starting with their business ventures.

Tydzień Polski (The Polish Weekly)
I'm starting to feel more and more British

'I've worked in many different professions and all these have helped British people in some way - some directly, others indirectly. I'm starting to feel more and more British as I live here for longer, and am thinking of applying for British citizenship',says Jacek Wandzel, Head Care Assistant in an interview with Brin Best.

TV and radio interviews

Education articles: for headteachers and teachers

Headteacher Update
Devising an effective fundraising strategy

Some of those who work in education are surprised to learn that every year there are billions of pounds in additional income available to schools. I have spent the last 25 years working as part of school leadership teams, and in a consultancy or training role, helping thousands of schools throughout the country access external funds.

Effective school fundraising applications

One of the key elements in any school fundraising strategy is the preparation of the funding applications that will allow you to enhance provision and extend opportunities for your children and the wider community.

School fundraising: Grant-making trusts

This article will focus on grant-making trusts as a key income stream for UK schools. Although many schools will not yet have made their first application to such trusts, as they often appear to be under the fundraising radar, some schools have managed to secure significant or even substantial funds from these often large funding bodies.

Nature writing

Craven Herald & Pioneer
Look out for the rites of spring

I looked across to the hillside opposite my house this morning and detected the first whiff of spring in the canopy. The hillside has changed its...

Wharfedale Observer
The fascinating world of silverfish

Although we normally associate nature with the outdoors, there are ample opportunities to study wildlife within our homes, as a recent visitor to our bathroom has proven.

Wharfedale Observer
Rare clouds over Wharfedale

RESIDENTS and visitors to Wharfedale were given a rare treat on Sunday when a spectacular display of bizarre mammatus clouds was visible in the...

Wharfedale Observer
Tawny owls use their eyes as a tool of stealth

My mum tells me that the first word I uttered as a child was 'birdy', though this is disputed by my dad, who claims my mum mis-heard me say 'daddy' on that spring day in 1969!

Wharfedale Observer
Winter warblers dine on garden fruit

We had a new visitor to our garden this week in the form of a blackcap, which spent a few minutes in the hawthorn tree looking for the last few withered berries of the autumn crop.

Wharfedale Observer
The wonder of winter bird song

I'VE been playing a game to find out how many different bird species I can hear singing during the month of January.

Wharfedale Observer
Christmas cheer is guaranteed in the natural world

The greatest Christmas gift you can give your family this year is to head out into that wild place beyond your centrally-heated lounge with the aim of filtering in what is so easy to filter out during our busy lives.

Ilkley Gazette
The wonderful world of the woodpecker

Woodpeckers are very infrequent visitors to our neighbourhood, so a sighting always brings with it great interest, not least because they are such intriguing and charismatic creatures.

Craven Herald & Pioneer
Plenty to see high up in the Dales

My wife and I were lucky to spend the weekend with friends who have a cottage within earshot of the Ribblehead viaduct. This has always seemed like one of the wildest parts of the Dales - barren and wind-swept, with just the odd meadow pipit and curlew to bring life to the high moors and pastures.

Journal articles on biodiversity

Focus on: Ochre-bellied Dove

Of the 10 Neotropical doves in the genus Leptotila, three are classified as globally threatened in the Americas Red Data Book6, namely: Grenada Dove L. wellsi of the West Indies, Tolima Dove L. conoveri of central Colombia