Brigeda Hernandez

Freelance Writer

United States

Brigeda is a Native Austinite currently exploring Colorado. She's been writing in various forms all her life and has a degree in Advertising because she wants to be like Peggy Olson from Mad Men.

When she's not working, you can find her exploring her new surroundings, drinking coffee, kickboxing, going to shows, or debating how to rearrange her furniture.

Texas State University
AT&T Campaigns Project

Our semester project for Ad Campaigns. Our task was to rebrand AT&T and help millennials see it as a more relevant brand. I worked as copywriter and put together several of the images.

21 Statistics About Remote Work Trends In 2018

In 2018, the term "digital nomad" has garnered a lot of attention. Social media has created a fantasy of being able to travel the world while working remotely, and more or less have all of your dreams come true. But just how realistic is this image?

Enola Labs
Your Health is Your Wealth

As costs of healthcare continue to rise, innovators continue to ask how technology can play a role in improving people's lives. This year's Austin Startup Week featured a Health Tech Track sponsored by Health Tech Austin and focused on several different health topics.

Tech: The Final Frontier

If you're my age, meaning you're floating somewhere in between the first and last millennials, you probably remember a childhood with much simpler technology. The early years comprised tinker toys, VCRs, cassette tapes, and your parents' polaroid camera. Your mom showed you Windows Paint on Microsoft Windows 95, and your dad still held on to a typewriter.

Council Post: How To Hire Engineers In A Competitive City (Ghostwriter)

Hiring engineers is difficult, particularly in cities where tech talent is in high demand. In these areas within the United States, there are often more job listings for software engineers than there are actual software engineers. This makes things difficult, particularly for smaller software shops, as they have to compete with the offers that larger tech companies are able to make.
What Is International Roaming? Here's Everything You Need To Know

You've packed your bags, you're on your way to the airport, and you've even remembered your passport. But what about your phone? How are you going to talk to everyone and tell them how great your trip is? That's one thing you don't want to worry about.