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GT ELAR Teacher & Freelance Writer and Editor

United States

My two passions in life are writing and teaching, and I've always found a home where they intersect. I'm currently a Gifted/Talented English teacher and part-time freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, specializing in journalistic, academic, and creative writing. 

My BA and MA degrees in English focused on language, literature, and education. My 10 years' experience working in primary, secondary, and higher education roles informs and impassions my writing projects relating to education, technology, health/wellness, lifestyle/entertainment, and local reporting.

An overview of publications are as follows: reporter and copyeditor for TWU's student newspaper, The Lasso; contributing writer for the Denton Record-Chronicle, Argyle Living, Lantana Living; blogger for The Tutoring Center; and ghostwriter for,,, and

I'm currently available for hire, and look forward to collaborating with you on your next writing project.


Education & Family

Health & Wellness

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

September is National Preparedness Month, and in the words of Stephen King, "There's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst." If there's anything the 2000s have taught us, it's that we should expect the unexpected.

According to experts, it is better to drink tap water than bottled water. Here's why

In recent years, a debate's been brewing about whether bottled water is better- whether it actually tastes discernibly different to the average consumer, but more importantly, whether it's healthier. We already know that the use of plastic water bottles pollutes the environment over the long-run, but in fact, it's likely that bottled water is not only uneconomical but also unsafe for human consumption.

We asked whether a gluten-free diet is good even if you aren't intolerant. Here's what we found

American consumers might have observed a growing movement in grocery stores these days. Now gluten-free options abound, when they barely had their own shelf space a few years ago. This growing movement toward eating healthier and marketing campaigns making gluten an enemy additive, makes some stop and wonder: is a gluten-free diet a better option for everyone?

Treat and remove plaque in under 5 minutes with these brilliant home remedies

If you've ever had a cavity filled or been scolded by your dentist for not brushing well enough, you've probably experienced . Plaque is made up of bacteria, which are fueled by food particles. If left untreated, plaque causes tooth decay -deterioration or discoloration of the enamel-and eventually cavities.

Local Reporting

Denton Record-Chronicle
Can't Get Enough Tacos: Fuzzy's Restaurant Profile

Two months ago, Fuzzy's Taco Shop opened its second restaurant in Denton, becoming the newest addition to the Fuzzy's family. The shop at 2412 S. Interstate 35E became the taco chain's 67th location. It officially opened June 19.

The Lasso
News Brief: COPE Professional Development Seminars

As part of the student teacher education program, TWU's College of Professional Education is holding professional development seminars for students wishing to specialize in the areas of English, Speech, and Foreign Languages. These seminars are geared toward these students, but are open to anyone interested in attending. The second seminar of the semester will be held Friday in CFO 907 from 1-2:30pm and will be conducted by Dr. Gray Scott, Assistant English Professor, and Director of...

The Lasso
From TWU to Yoknapatawpha

The 39th Annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference: Fifty Years After Faulkner began on June 6, with 18 TWU delegates in attendance at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. This was the fourth trip to the annual William Faulkner conference for TWU students, led by Dr. Phyllis Bridges, TWU Cornaro Professor of English. “Our most recent trip before the one this summer was in 2008,” said Bridges. Undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students began the summer class online reading...

The Lasso
Men at TWU: No Place to Doo

I’d like to share an observation, which I hope impacts readers as much as it did me: On the first floor of the CFO building, what used to be the male-only restroom was recently converted into a unisex bathroom. So now women elect to use the unisex bathroom either when the women’s is full, or simply for the luxury of privacy. The second floor isn’t much better, as the male-only restroom has only one stall. This means that men, on any given day, simply won’t have access to the facilities in CFO...

The Lasso
Getting Ready for Graduation: Commencement Extravaganza

The Commencement Extravaganza is TWU’s way of ensuring that upcoming graduating students have the information they need for graduation and post-graduation. The event is usually held on TWU’s Denton campus every semester, but this was the first year Dallas hosted its own extravaganza as well.

The Lasso
TWU Vegetarians: bored, malnourished

Vegan and vegetarian diets have long been considered healthy options, and many students on campus elect to abide by them either for ethical reasons or the increased health factor. However, TWU’s Denton campus has very little to offer in the way of vegan and vegetarian meal options. Vegetarians must attempt to adapt traditional campus food offerings to provide themselves with a poor substitute for a meal.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

Gardening Channel
Ultimate Guide to Biochar

Ever heard of biochar? For most home gardeners, chances are that it's a brand new term. In short, biochar is a charcoal compound added to soil that makes it more fertile. Biochar has a long and complex history of use in indigenous farming throughout West Africa and the Amazon rainforest where the incredible results can be seen even today.

Website Management

North Texas Writing Centers Association
North Texas Writing Centers Association

The late Mary Nell Kivikko, of the Texas Christian University Writing Center, conceived the idea for this organization. She and Christina Murphy, the former director there, and former president of the National Writing Centers Association, established the organization in 1990.

Russell Gibson Content
Russell Gibson Content

The difference between hiring a freelancer and working with Russell Gibson Content is that proofreading, fact-checking, and project management are all in our court- so we make sure the final product meets your expectations and comes in ready to publish before deadline, with no extra work on your part.