Bridget Mintz Testa

Freelance writer

Location icon United States of America

In more than 20 years of full-time freelancing, Bridget Mintz Testa has carefully crafted hundreds of custom pieces for business and consumer publications about energy and power, electronics, robotics, information technology, telecommunications, building and construction, urban planning, human capital, space exploration, and much more. In addition, she has also written market research and feasibility studies, issue briefs, case studies, white papers, special reports and thought leadership papers.

Center for Digital Government
Trending Up 2012

A white paper on coming out of the Great Receession

Workforce Magazine
Multiskilled Employees Sought as Versatility Becomes a Workplace Virtue - Workforce Magazine

As companies slashed their workforces during the recession, employee specialists became an endangered species. Firms needed generalists who could adapt quickly, think on their feet and competently perform duties often beyond their job description. Those jack-of-all-trade workers remain crucial to companies for their ability to handle multiple assignments.

The Sea Will Tell

This article tells the story of a bridge that breathes light.

Center for Digital Government
PCIO Mobility Report

A white paper on mobile technology for city and state government agencies

Workforce Magazine
The Armys Training Weapon Serious Games - Workforce Magazine

'America's Army' was originally launched as a way to 'soft sell' potential recruits. But it has been adapted and adopted by various organizations within the Army for weapons prototyping, helping wounded soldiers adjust to their injuries, and, above all, for training.

Mechanical Engineering Magazine
Heavy Duty

A story about building nuclear power plant components

Mechanical Engineering Magazine
Emergency Repair

How astronauts repaired a crucial element of International Space Station hardware.