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Brian Zavala

Content Specialist

Location icon United States

Brian Zavala has been creative writing since the age of 14 and building his writing resume with freelance jobs (Examiner.com) and editorial internships (San Antonio Magazine).
Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a minor in Communication Arts and is a Content Creator at Public Alliance, an advertising agency in San Antonio, TX.

3 Tips for Writing Your Instagram Copy | Public Alliance

Instagram is slowly becoming the next Facebook in terms of popularity. It is the second most used social media platform and approximately 32 percent of internet users in the U.S., including social media marketers and influencers are utilizing Instagram, but are they utilizing it to their advanta ...

Blue Cares
Blue Print: SAPD Officer Danny Zamora - Blue Cares

San Antonio Police Officer Danny Zamora has dedicated over 20 years to running the Police Athletic League (PAL), an organization in which members of the police force coach boys and girls in sports. With help from only one other partner, Officer Zamora coordinates after-school sports activities at the Edgewood Independent School District for about 1,500 children throughout the calendar year.

SBTI Celebrates 20 Years of Successful Business Improvement | SBTI

SBTI is proud to announce that on June 19, 2017, we celebrate our 20th anniversary, which translates to 20 years of successful client engagement, leadership development, and financial improvement. With over 400 client companies under our belt, SBTI continues to drive culture change in the world's leading companies.

San Antonio Police Officers Association
Back the Men and Women in Blue who work to protect you!

On July 7, 2016, five Dallas Police Officers were killed by sniper fire during a peaceful protest while seven others, including two civilians, were wounded. The Saturday following the Dallas shooting, San Antonio police got a call about shots fired near the San Antonio Police Headquarters.

Rene Vinson
Beginner's Interior Design Tips | Rene Vinson

It may be overwhelming if you're new to making big interior design decisions! Making the right ones are important because you want to impress your guests with your design style but you also want to incorporate your personality into your interior home look. There are so many choices to choose from and some decorations just ...

Blue Cares
SAPD Officer Scott Hermes - Blue Cares

"It's all about giving back to the community that gave so much to you," says San Antonio Police Officer Scott Hermes. Officer Hermes is the Post Advisor at San Antonio Police Explorer Post #399 at the South Side Substation. There, he's a mentor and sometimes, a father figure to 35 young adults who work ...

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