Brian Overton

Christian Contemporary Rock Musician

United States

Brian Overton is the lead vocalist and bassist for His Word, a Christian rock band. He also self-releases his own projects via his in-house recording studio, The Green Room Studio.

Ryan Gosling: An Unexpected Marvel Villain

In an interesting twist, it looks like Ryan Gosling could be the next big name to suit up and take on a Marvel Universe title. Not as a hero, but as a villain! According to Daniel Richtman, a noted scooper and known-to-the-MCU-community Marvel Cinematic Universe superfan, producers at Marvel Studios are currently considering Ryan Gosling for a major villain role.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prescreening

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), the sequel to Black Panther (2018) is almost here! Longtime Marvel fan Brian Overton was thrilled to be invited to a prescreening of the film, which is set to debut in America theaters later this week on Thursday. The movie is expected to be a blockbuster hit this weekend.

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Brian Overton Launches Marvel Universe Review Series

Brian Overton November 1, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ - Brian Overton is set to debut a new blog series that will cover all things current in the Marvel Universe. The lifelong Marvel enthusiast will share Marvel news while featuring a fan's perspective in each post. Brian plans to share his thoughts on memorable moments, behind the...

Brian Overton
Top Tips for Beginner Christian Musicians

Great music comes from the heart and soul. Because of this, creating music is a wonderful way to express your faith and devotion to God. Music is also something that has the power to bring people together - what better what to do that then by combining your musical talent and faith?

Brian Overton
Where to Find Live Christian Music

Believe it or not, finding live Christian music or live contemporary Christian music doesn't have to be a difficult task. While it might not be as easy as walking through a busy city as seeing random street performers belting out Christian songs, there are certainly easy places to check and see if a local Christian...

Brian Overton
Top Christian Folk Artists to Listen To

Music is a powerful way to connect to our faith. We don't just listen to the words and instruments, we feel the music. Combining artistic expression with worship is a beautiful way to get closer to Christ. Brian Overton currently stands as Co-Worship Leader as St.

Brian Overton
How to Turn Christian Music Into Faith

Some Christians debate whether or not listening to Christian or gospel singers is a healthy or improper way of showing your devotion. Either way, today we're discussing a few ideas of how you can translate the faithful music you listen to into more intentional ways of speaking with God. 1.

Brian Overton
Up And Coming Contemporary Christian Music Artists

The amazing thing about the Christian music community is that there are neverending ways to find, listen, and share new artists you enjoy. Whether you hear them on the radio, stream them on Spotify, or watch their music videos on YouTube, it's hard not to find an artist you like listening to.

Brian Overton
Upcoming Christian Music Festival: SoulFest

Whether or not you may have gone to a Christian music festival in 2021, there's certainly one to keep on your radar for 2022 and that is: SoulFest. What Is SoulFest? SoulFest is a 3-day festival in Gilford, NH. There's four stages in total; the main stage for headliners, a 500-capacity intimate stage for singer-songwriters,...

Brian Overton
Support Christian Contemporary Music Through Fundraising

Would you like to show your local congregation the power that Christian music can bring to inspire a deeper connection with your faith? Maybe your local youth group is in need of some ideas to resonate more with the Bible? Incorporating Contemporary Christian music into the church can help connect members across different backgrounds and...