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Hi, I'm Brianne. I am a writer and marketing specialist who is fueled daily by generous amounts of coffee, incredibly passionate about what I do, and an avid supporter of the Oxford comma. I use happy faces in emails, am likely to throw my hair into a topknot during brainstorming sessions, and have discovered that eating gummy bears is the ultimate cure to writer’s block.

Being Professional is Boring. Be Yourself Instead.

I'm not sure what comes to your mind when you hear the word "professional," but you know what comes to mine? Nothing. Well, more like anything and everything that is nothing but boring. You know, white-bread, blah, etc. Yet as working adults, it's a trait we're expected to mimic.

Would you be best friends with your brand?

It's probably an idea you've heard of before: imagining who your business would be like as a real life person. It's an effective technique for developing branding and it's fun to think about. But when it comes to the very best brand of people, who your brand should be like, and who can teach us a lot about being awesome, your best friend can't be beat.

Altered Couture Magazine
Editor's Letter

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce myself to you as the new managing editor of Altered Couture. When first asked to take over as managing editor, I was ecstatic. Of course, it took about 10 seconds for that excitement to turn into anxiety as the news settled in. I spent eight months as the assistant editor at Stampington & Company, but the whole magazine-managing thing was completely new to me. All I could think was, how in the world am I going to do this?

Mingle Magazine
For the Love of Friendship

Valentine’s Day traditionally serves as a holiday completely devoted to celebrating one’s significant other. There’s not much to complain about candlelit dinner dates, romantic cards, and bouquets of red roses, but these things do seem to exclude an important type of love most of us would be entirely lost without: the love we have for our friends.

APU Life
Celebrating Three Decades of Music and Ministry

The University Choir and Orchestra (UCO) celebrated more than 30 years of ministry with a reunion concert that honored the group’s history with a nostalgic look back and an inspirational look forward. More than 1,500 friends, family, alumni, and others who have loved and enjoyed the renowned group’s musical performances over the years gathered at Yorba Linda Friends Church on April 9 to hear more than 300 past and current UCO students sing, play, and worship together.

Creative Non-Fiction

I’ve never been good at throwing things. If someone asks me to casually toss them something, such as a remote or a phone, I simply refuse. Instead, I walk over to the person and put whatever object they’re asking for directly in their hand. When I was in elementary school, my dad bought me a baseball glove and took me to the park to play catch. He must have been frustrated by my lack of athleticism since I only remember us playing catch once. The baseball glove found a home in the back of my...

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