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7 ways hotels can use visuals to spur bookings - Tnooz

It may be a Captain Obvious thing to say, but hotel visuals are one of the important factors that can influence a traveler's decision to book. Yet many hotel employees are too distracted with other tasks to get these visuals right. NB: This is a viewpoint from Brianna Wenner of ICE Portal.

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5 European Hotels with Striking Visuals - ICE Portal

The European countries boast countless stunning hotels ranging from historical landmarks to contemporary resorts. We've gathered a handful of these European hotels that beautifully display the allure of their establishment with high quality visuals online. Be sure to take a look at their websites for full media galleries and even inspiration for your next trip!

ICE Portal Cool News
Yext and ICE Portal Partner to Extend Distribution for Hotel Brands

Visual content curator and distributor, ICE Portal, has announced a partnership with Yext, the leading platform for location data management. This partnership will allow hospitality suppliers within ICE Portal’s network to access Yext’s platform and significantly expand their distribution across Yext’s PowerListings® Network.

Picture this - digital asset management

According to Accenture Interactive, 50% of companies have more digital content that they can effectively manage. Hotel groups are not immune, and if they don't get control of their assets, it's going to cost a lot of time and money. Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology offers solutions for industries across the board, the travel and hospitality industry is no different.

Personalizing your visual content increases bookings

"Personalization" has been a hot topic across the web and has businesses across varying industries wondering how to implement it. The travel and hospitality industry, and other industries, use personalization to better engage and convert consumers based off of their specific interests, preferences and lifestyles -

Tips for using Instagram to market your hotel

With 400 million active monthly users and an average of 80 million photos uploaded daily, Instagram has become a prominent channel for B2C marketing in a multitude of industries. It is especially effective in the travel industry as images play a key role in influencing consumers’ choices regarding destinations, accommodations and activities.

Time to connect Big Data with hotel visuals

Today's travelers are starting to expect a personalized experience throughout all stages of travel - something that the emergence of "big data" is helping to lead. Not only is there some degree of expectation, but apparently 74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

New Year pledge: improve the visuals on your hotel website

To keep it simple, there are only a few simple things you should do to improve the quality of your visuals. Optimizing your images in all places that prospects might “see” your property (brand website, third party distribution channels and even search engines) may increase your chances of converting lookers to bookers.

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