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I'm an editor, writer and digital media marketer with experience in both digital and print media.

I have: directed, shot and edited serviceable videos, built websites (on Squarespace, but, you know), written, developed and managed the sending of newsletters, edited for clarity, edited for length, written ad copy, written copy, written content, written prose. I have written headlines, subheadlines, pullquotes and Web heads. I know Web is web now, I know. I know AP Style and some Chicago style. I know 2 dashes should be one em dash -- with spaces around it, even though sometimes it looks classy without the spaces.

My mother always said people who use the word "classy" usually aren't. She still says it, she just lives in Florida now.

I like to read, I like to watch, I like to listen, I like to stare. I'm good at all of those things. I love Facebook, even though it's not cool anymore. But I love other social media, too. I even joined Peach, and where are we with that lately? Doesn't matter, I'm into it.

Times Union
Dodging dangers of household chemicals

A recent article in The New York Times points out a whole lot of our toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products and Tupperware contain dangerous endocrine-interrupting chemicals, which can really mess up your body. Dr. Elizabeth Whalen, Albany County's health commissioner, says these toxins are scary, but we're still learning about them.

Times Union
A standup comedy first-timer overcomes stage fright

A standup comedy first-timer overcomes stage fright A standup comedy first-timer overcomes stage fright with the help of a bit of gin Football players do that. [...] I started raping and punching women. Burns is helping me prep for this story, the story of how a person who's never done standup comedy does standup comedy.