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Brianna Roberts

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Young Muslim ballet dancer aims to break new ground

Reaching the top level of ballet takes strength, poise and determination, and for 14-year-old Stephanie Kurlow, there's another challenge - displaying both her faith and her love of ballet. Dancing since she was two-years-old, she stopped when her family converted to Islam, believing she would not be accepted by the ballet world, while wearing her hijab.

Opera's 'hottest tenor' hopes to bring music to new audiences

The man described as the 'hottest tenor' of the opera world, Jonas Kaufmann has arrived in Sydney for his Australian tour, hoping to bring opera to new audiences. Lyndon Terracini from Opera Australia says Kaufmann has a voice to rival Pavarotti. He believes Kaufmann brings a little something special, which they hope will attract a non-traditional opera audience.

Punjabi Australian hip hop artist tackles race in his rhymes

Race discrimination, politics, religion, philosophy and social justice issues are just some of the themes that Singh tackles in his music. Growing up in western Sydney as a Punjabi, Singh says he experienced racism first-hand and says he's been abused because people wrongly associate the turban he wears with terrorism.