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Brianna Grant


Location icon United States

I am a writer specializing in animal and environmental news.

The internet is helping fuel global wildlife trafficking * Earth.com

The internet has transformed our everyday lives in ways we are still beginning to understand. Gone are the days of navigating a map for directions and mailing letters to far away friends to keep in contact. The internet has made our lives easier, faster and more convenient.

Want To Visit An Animal Attraction? Do Your Research First. | Care2 C...

Travelers visit animal attractions around the world for once-in-a-lifetime interactions. While there are humane wildlife attractions travelers can visit, there are also many exploitive attractions that con visitors into thinking they are supporting wildlife conservation. This is why travelers need to conduct the proper research before booking animal attractions.

Our addiction to technology is causing an environmental disaster * Earth.com

As technology becomes faster, smarter and sleeker, we are increasingly tossing aside the old for the new. While playing with our latest iPhones, most of us spend little time reflecting on how our old phone will be recycled, and the long-lasting effects it will have on environmental and human health.

For lions, voluntourism trips often do more harm than good * Earth.com

August 10th is World Lion Day, and in honor of these beautiful big cats, takes a look at how a misleading trend known as voluntourism can actually help the lion hunting industry. For many animal lovers, traveling to South Africa to help hand-raise lion cubs may sound like a dream come true, but these voluntourism trips are often more nefarious than they sound.

Bullfighting continues in Spain despite growing opposition * Earth.com

For many people, the country of Spain evokes images of a majestic matador waving a crimson red cape next to a stomping bull. What this scene does not portray is the immense cruelty and pain the bull suffers during the bullfight, ending only when the bull is ultimately slaughtered.

Expedia Wildlife Blog
Don't Buy Wild: Protect Sharks, Reject Shark Products

If you asked a large group of people to list their biggest fear, chances are high at least a few people would list sharks. It is easy to see why. After all, sharks are displayed throughout pop culture, from the cinematic classic Jaws to the lovable kid's movie Finding Nemo, as vicious killers out for blood.

Cruise ships can be wildly harmful to the surrounding environment * Earth.com

Cruise ships have revolutionized the way people travel since they first rose in popularity in the 1990s. Travelers can eat, drink, shop, swim and enjoy entertainment while voyaging the seas, free from the stress of planning out every step of a vacation. But with the convenience of cruise ships comes a steep environmental cost.

Bald Eagles Are Still Dying From Lead Bullets. Here's How To Help. | ...

Lead has been public enemy number one for decades due to its negative health effects. Legislators have enacted laws to protect citizens, but they've neglected our nation's emblem: the bald eagle. Recent cases of bald eagle poisonings highlight the need for a national ban on lead ammunition and fishing tackle.

Giraffe death calls into question zoo conditions and regulations |

Zoos allow people to stand some mere feet away from wild animals they likely would have never encountered otherwise. While zoos can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors, they can be harmful and potentially fatal for the animals they showcase. Just last month, a giraffe died at the Lisbon Zoo while trying to reach for food from a visitor.

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