Brian-Michel LaRue

Freelance/Investigative Journalist

Location icon United States of America

Former CBC/Radio-Canada producer and foreign correspondent. Was based out of Montreal, New Orleans, Washington, Beirut, Geneva, Damascus, and Harare. French-Canadian living in the United States now.


International Reporting

Terrorist Attack at Nightclub in Istanbul Kills Dozens

Gov. Vasip Sahin of Istanbul Province said a police officer outside the club had been killed before the bloodshed began inside. "One person first kills the police officer outside, and then a civilian," Mr. Sahin said. "Inside, he rained bullets brutally, mercilessly over innocent people who were there just to celebrate the New Year and have fun."

Mange ta ville - Radio-Canada/ARTV/TV5MONDE

CBC News - the fifth estate

The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi - Episodes - the fifth estate

He was the breakout success the CBC needed and there was a time Jian Ghomeshi was everywhere - on radio, TV, hosting award galas and specials. Still there were whispers and allegations.... Ghomeshi was arrested on sex assault charges Wednesday but for years he seemed untouchable.

The Rob Ford Story - Episodes - the fifth estate

Crack cocaine. Alcohol. Friends who have criminal backgrounds. Just over a year ago, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stood next to Police Chief Bill Blair promising to fight gang crime. Now the two most powerful men in Canada's largest city are locked in a struggle only one is likely to survive.

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