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Brian F. Benton is a student at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in American Culture Studies with minors in Writing and Art History. Originally from Palo Alto, California, he enjoys public transportation, bikes and the beach.
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Album review: Janelle Monae ups the android ante on 'The Electric Lady'

"The Electric Lady" and Janelle Monae's debut full-length before it, "The ArchAndroid," take place in a distant, dystopian world where a totalitarian regime called "The Great Divide" has forced humans to wear cages on their heads and uses time travel to suppress freedom and love.
88.1 KDHX DJ Spotlight: Caron House, host of 'Wax Lyrical'

Although the show's name suggests speaking about something with great excitement or energy, when on the air Caron prefers to let the songs she plays do the talking. We met at Kayak's Coffee last December, just after the show's one year anniversary to talk about the shows roots, discovering new music and how Caron always manages to stay so calm while on the air.

Respect Your Youngers
'Audible Interruptions' questions gender, space and sound at the Contemporary Art Museum

When you visit the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis over the next few months, don't be alarmed when you start hearing strange noises. The voices, rumbles and roars are part of "Audible Interruptions," a series of site-specific sound installations that opened in early September and will run, in three parts, until August 2014.
Concert review: Hozier (with Ásgeir) holds his folk-inflected own at the Pageant, Tuesday,...

Seeing Hozier at the Pageant felt eerily similar to seeing Ed Sheeran, the now multi-platinum, multi-Grammy nominated troubadour behind "The A Team" and others, at the venue almost exactly two years ago. Both shows sold out almost far in advance, drew lines down Delmar long before doors opened, and came with a hype that I initially could not comprehend.

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A Bedtime Story For The Ages

A few days ago I was lying awake in bed, my dad sitting in a chair next to me reading aloud. I'm six months away from going to college, but here I was, listening to my father read me a bedtime story. It was a Sunday.

For Whom The Bus Rolls

BY BRIAN BENTON David took the bus to visit his mother and, maybe more important, because he had just found a transfer pass in his back pocket. Claire was going to work, as she had done almost every weekday for most of the past year and a half, except for the few days when her boyfriend offered to give her a ride, which she was embarrassed to admit she did not prefer.

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