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Brian Eason

Politics, Investigations, Enterprise

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I write with authority about complicated, but deeply consequential issues. I dig for stories no one else is covering. I shine a light in places the powerful want shrouded. And above all, I inform citizens about their government — how it works, and how it can work better.

Indianapolis Star
Blight Inc.

The spruce tree out front partially obscures the rusted gutters and boarded windows at 2628 E. Michigan St., but the debris scattered across the porch tells the story just as well. It's been years since anyone has called it home. In 2011, one owner walked away from a $3,300 tax bill and let the government take the house.

Indianapolis Star
Declining neighborhoods: Indy's auction block

It's been 11 years since Minnie Crawford died - and at least five years since anyone kept up with the taxes on her Near-Northside Indianapolis home. In Crawford's absence, Mother Nature moved in. On a sunny morning in late May, the weeds behind 1909 Cornell Ave. could reach the chest of a grown man.

The Clarion Ledger
Trauma transfers could put lives at risk

A for-profit hospital in south Jackson repeatedly transferred emergency patients it was paid by the state to treat, possibly violating state hospital regulations and federal law, a Clarion-Ledger investigation found. The Clarion-Ledger obtained hospital transfer logs, patient charts and other documents leaked by whistle-blowers that depict a pattern of decisions at Central Mississippi Medical Center that may have put lives at risk.

The Denver Post
Warnings ignored: Why PERA is barreling toward its second funding crisis in a decade

In a January 2010 letter, three members of the state pension fund's board of directors sent a stark warning to state lawmakers: Any attempts to water down a proposed reform package could leave the retirement system, which 1 in 10 Coloradans depend on as a replacement for Social Security, in grave financial peril.

The Colorado Sun
Walker Stapleton and PERA: A complicated legacy

Heading into his eighth and final year as Colorado's state treasurer, Walker Stapleton could finally say, "I told you so." The term-limited Republican had spent his entire tenure on a lonely crusade for public pension reform, warning that a "long-term fix" passed in 2010 hadn't really fixed anything at all.

Indianapolis Star
Two tax hikes later, Indy still has fewer cops than 2007

CLOSE Since 2007, the city of Indianapolis has raised income taxes twice in order to hire new police officers. The first time, city leaders promised to add 100. The next, as many as 150. But on Sept. 1, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had 59 fewer officers than it did before the first tax hike took effect.

The Colorado Sun
Colorado pits big colleges against small campuses in a "zero-sum game." Gov. Polis wants a truce.

Teacher protests and a push for full-day kindergarten are dominating the education debate in Colorado, but policymakers are quietly working to address the state's other school crisis: higher education. The problem is significant. Colorado is effectively trying to sustain one of the most educationally demanding economies in the country, while spending the fourth least of any state to educate its residents after high school.

Indianapolis Star
East Chicago lead pollution 'a potential catastrophe'

CLOSE Contamination is forcing more than 1,000 residents from their homes in a public housing complex. EAST CHICAGO - About once a week for much of 2015, Kamia Edwards' son was too sick to go to school. Some days he was so hot, he'd take off his shirt and lie on the bare floor of their apartment.

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