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Hi! My name is Briana Thornton. I'm a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a major in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Media Studies. I have experience writing for several different online publications ranging from national audiences to readers that are more local and specialized.

GRUB HUB: Food trucks pave the way for small businesses

Like so many trends, the food truck craze got its start on the West Coast, made the trip east and is now an integral part of the food scene in Hampton Roads, as well as just about every place in between the coasts.

Dress Decoding: Business Casual

Photos by Monica Escamilla So you're starting a new job and you need a new wardrobe! For some of you, that may bring joy, getting to shop for all new attire, but for others "business casual" are two words you dread hearing side by side.

Her Campus
Workin' It: The College Girl's Guide to Business Casual

Okay, so you nailed your interview with your bomb answer to the age-old question "Why should I hire you?" (Thankfully you thought of a better response than, "Because I need money!"). Now you've run into another roadblock: trying to find something to wear to your new job.

College Fashion
5 Simple Upgrades to Make Your Basics a Little Less Boring

There are some days where I love to step outside of the box and try to style up some of the more fashion forward pieces in my wardrobe but I have to be honest: most days are jeans and T-shirt kinda days for me.

College Fashion
Here's Exactly How to Have Your Best Holiday Season Ever

So, Thanksgiving is over (tear) and now all the stores are decked out in as many Christmas decorations as they can possibly fit in their displays. The holidays have arrived, and it's time to get planning. After all, you want to make the most out of the *most wonderful time of the year*, don't you?

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Don't Let This Happen to You: 5 Problems I Experienced During Study Abroad

I feel like whenever someone talks about their study abroad experience, they never have a single negative thing to say. Have you noticed that? Well, I'm not going to be one of those people. Having just returned from living in Florence, Italy for three and a half months, I can honestly tell you, studying abroad isn't all rainbows and sunshine.

College Fashion
How We're Channeling It Stylist Lindsay Albanese in Our Outfits This Week

Hey everyone, I've got a new Style Steal for you and this one's a good one. Lindsay Albanese is one of my favorite YouTubers because she has an awesome personality, great style, and my dream job as a fashion stylist. What's not to love? Her Instagram, as well, is envy-inducing.

College Fashion
3 Comfortable Airport Outfits for Efficient Travel

If you've ever googled " airport outfits," you've no doubt been bombarded with pictures of celebrities strutting through security in their high heels, leather pants and cool blouses. But I mean, is that realistic? Think about it: These celebs are most likely flying via private plane or being escorted immediately to a first-class lounge.


Coachella may have already wrapped up its two weekends of desert fun, music festival is in full swing with quite the line-up for the upcoming summer. Music festivals have blown up over the last decade and the rush kicks off in March with South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.