Briah Tiffany Fowler

Villarreal CF Sports Journalist Intern

Location icon United States

Briah Fowler is a student at Ashford University, majoring in journalism. With unique experience in social media outlets, Fowler has a keen knowledge of publishing and delivering daily news for her audience. Fowler has interned for Villarreal, a professional soccer team in La Liga. Villarreal, located in Vila-Real, Spain is where Fowler covered games and participated in press conferences, interviewed players, and wrote news articles. She has developed copywriting skills while editing articles, novels, and publishing her work on news websites like Fowler has live broadcast experience as she's produced a local radio news report.

Fowler is the founder of Global Writers, a publishing company for writers around the world. Fowler works with published authors from Australia, India, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, and more! Her goal is to create a place for writers across the globe to publish their work.

She currently works as a sports intern for Villarreal. Each day she must write articles, pitch ideas, troubleshoot, and collaborate in numerous projects. The fast-paced environment has helped her adjust accordingly to present news daily, no matter the challenge.

5 of Villarreal's Most Riveting Moments

The Yellow Submarine are a well-decorated side with many remarkable highlights over the past years. Let's reflect on some of their most significant moments to date! The Yellows have a prestigious history, and it jump-started when they were among the best teams in Europe as they reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League in the 2005/06 season!

The Freedom of Information Act and It's Loopholes|Briah Fowler

By Briah Fowler The Freedom of Information Act is an excellent tool a journalist can utilize for a news story, that is, if the FOIA request isn't delayed, denied or dismissed. FOIA insists upon the government to make information available to the public upon request, but there is a list of exemptions.

Ashford University Local News Update
New Abortion Laws Create A Frenzy In US

New Jersey protestors gathered to support women's rights to abortion in the wake of Alabama, and Missouri's new law restricting abortions.

Ashford University Mainstream News Article
A Political Update

Week's after President Trump's threat to order an ICE raid on undocumented citizens, Trenton NJ News reports that Gov. Murphy has signed an order that will create an office to help immigrants, refugees resettle in the state of New Jersey.

Ashford University Local News Article
Severe Thunderstorm Watch

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the greater part of New Jersey ahead of time of another possible severe thunderstorm.

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