Brett Barnes

Former Senior Digital UX/UI Designer (Content) @

United States

I design interactions. Look and feel is important, but it doesn't mean anything if our customers can't complete the task. I've spent the last 8+ years making a behemoth corporation, AT&T, a warm and inviting place for our millions of customers. I can help you too.

Writing for Readability - Brett Barnes - Medium

Reading is hard. We spend our entire time in school, from kindergarten to graduation, learning how to do it, and we still kind of suck at it. As a UX writer, I always have to write for accessibility. It's a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Write Error Messages Customers Love - Brett Barnes - Medium

Error messages are the most difficult pieces of content to write. They tend to sound cold, or cutesy and schlocky. But finding that happy medium shows customers that you care about them, their time, and that you pay attention to every detail of the experience. They can be an easy boost to your reputation.

TechBuzz by AT&T
The SIM Card: The Unsung Hero - TechBuzz by AT&T

That tiny little chip card that slides into your phone, the subscriber identification module or phone SIM card, makes our mobile lives possible and so much easier. Way back in the day-I'm talking the '90s-we called them cellular phones and they were as big as a gas station burrito.


I thought this sort of thing was an urban legend like cow tipping or a post-racial society. I ran across my first s/he construction today, out in the wild, it was scattered throughout a job description. This sort of thing is a dumpster fire. Don't get me wrong. Like every white, American male I'm all for the reason behind it. I have no quarrel with people who want to identify in a way that lines up with their innermost being. I'm all for being fair. And, for far too long we have always...

Work is a Process, not a Place

Having office space for workers is essential. It's where the file cabinets and typewriters are, and the phone system, and let's not forget the steno pool and Xerox machine.