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Brayden Ordonez


Location icon United States

I am a Professional Writing and Information Design student attending Cedarville University. I have a passion for anything writing, editing, or marketing related. I currently want to become a managing editor for a newspaper company, but I am more than open to other jobs.

Resound Radio
My Journey Home

My first blog post for Resound Radio. I wrote this piece from the perspective of a non-Christian in hopes of helping Cedarville students who have not yet come to God begin their relationship with him.

Psalm 23 Inductive Bible Study

An extensive study of the book of Psalms. I explored and analyzed the historical background of the verses, the individual words, and the author. This study was meant to be for myself and my professor, and I greatly enjoyed doing it.

A Gale-force Wind

A creative piece for my Professional Writing class about my struggles with faith. I went out of my comfort zone to try writing something different and I am extremely happy with the finished product.

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