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Brandon J Neilan

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United States of America

Freelance journalist with beats ranging from foreign affairs, social & vice issues, veterans' efforts, and the periphery of the beyond and little known.

The Bridge
#Reviewing A War

We are traversing the picturesque desert of Afghanistan with a platoon of Danish soldiers. The pale sunlight beams down on sand; we see the outline of Kevlar helmets and vests, dark beards, and other military kit. Radio chatter beckons, as soldiers in the platoon walk in squad formation carrying rifles and light-machine guns, scanning the horizon for any enemy fighters advancing in on their position.

The Compass Standard
Putin's Taut Syrian Battlefield

With expeditionary campaigns in Ukraine, Georgia, and the latest move into Syria — Putin aligns conscript and contract forces to multiply efforts in various regions.

The Compass Standard
Retired National Guard Brigadier General Calls it The Villa, A Cottage of Collections

For Mississippi National Guard Brigadier General Gary E. Huffman, every object tells a story by Brandon Neilan At age 63, Gary E. Huffman lives in Chickasaw County, Mississippi - a lifelong resident, he lives on a farm. Huffman retired on August 15, 2012 as a Brigadier General for the Mississippi National Guard.

The Bridge
Kurdish Fighting Against Islamic State Hasn't Let Up, Despite Airstrikes

The Northern Syria war front has seen its second heaviest fighting after the January pushback of ISIL. Areas in and around Kobani, Syria that were liberated in late January are once again seeing Islamic State ground presence and heavy weapons systems being deployed.

The Compass Standard
Lawmakers Say Defund Planned Parenthood

by Brandon Neilan Today - A fifth investigative video produced by The Center for Medical Progress was released to media, and launched simultaneously on their website. David Daleiden, Project Lead, Center for Medical Progress announced the undercover video a day after Senate blocked the bill which would have defunded Planned Parenthood.

Small Wars Journal
Special Report: This Week in Ukraine with Zack Baddorf

Zack Baddorf recently went to the Ukraine to cover the bloody conflict for War Is Boring that has cost over 6,000 lives and devastation to the eastern portion of the country. Whole towns and cities are ravaged, Shyrokyne is in shambles, Donetsk Airport is gone, and most inhabitants have fled.

The Compass Standard
I Lay My Head in Tent City

CINCINNATI - people pass the small tent city that sits right under the concrete overpass, just adjacent to the 50 & I-471 bridge where Ohio and Kentucky meet. The man stands up, shuffling his backpack in mid-evening as the passersby seemingly rushes past - as if no semblance of the homeless man is perceived or recognizable.

The Compass Standard
Local Report: The 'Quick Fix' Is Turning Northern Kentucky Into a Heroin Epidemic

by Brandon Neilan Ad campaigns have marginalized the area in and around Northern Kentucky with anti-heroin campaigns designed to battle the growing epidemic that is making the area a centralized dealing haven. Local, state, and federal police units have ramped up their hiring, training, and general coverage of the area in hopes to quell this deadly drug.

The Compass Standard
Anti-Semitism is Running Rampant in Europe

by Brandon Neilan Anti-Semitism is driving hundreds of thousands of Jews out of Europe, causing the European Union and prime ministers of countries such as France to call for unification amongst different religions and ethnic groups. More than 100,000 Jews have left the country of France since 2013.

The Compass Standard
Jack Untold: Inside The Fight Against ISIS

CINCINNATI/KOBANI  -  He stares through the lens - the streets covered in a mixture of mud, blood, and decaying bodies - the rubble-remain of buildings that had attested time, lay on the barren streets - and the decomposition and stench of foul dead remains and mutilated corpses permeated the air.

The Compass Standard
Photo Essay: Inside Kobani, Syria

Words by Brandon Neilan, photos by Jack Shahine Some content can be graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised. The following correspondence and information comes from a local Kobani, Syria resident & journalist that I spoke with last week.

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