Brandon Hartman


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I'm Brandon. I'm a professional writing and rhetoric major at the University of Southern Indiana set to graduate in the Spring of 2020. My love for reading has lead to my passion for writing and editing.

Writing for Professions
Recommendation Report

This is a recommendation report about the inclusion of gender neutral housing on the University of Southern Indiana's campus that I composed for class. This was the first solo professional writing piece that I have composed.

Technical Writing
Collaborative Field Report

This is a group recommendation report about how the universal design elements on the University of Southern Indiana's campus could be improved upon. I was the project manager for the group that composed this document and helped lead the primary field research that was conducted for our data.

Writing for Professions
Collaborative Tips Memo

The assignment for this project was to create a two page document with tips to help the Romain College of Business students to improve their collaboration skills. It was emphasized that the document should seem as if it were designed and administered by the Romain College of Business itself.

Advanced Composition
The Little Bugle Boy

This is a personal narrative I wrote for an advanced composition class. The prompt asked us to describe our favorite item in the world and explain our backstory with it. I wrote about my experiences playing the trumpet and the lessons it has taught me.

Writing for Professions
PEACE Zone 5k brochure

PEACE Zone is non-profit organization that promotes mental health wellness by offering a community with several activities for people who struggle with their mental health. This is a brochure I created in a class competition to help promote their 5k fundraiser. This brochure did not win, but it did receive good feedback.