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Brandon Hartman

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My name is Brandon, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Southern Indiana. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in English with an emphasis on Professional Writing and Rhetoric.

I trust the pieces displayed in this portfolio will demonstrate my ability to compose well constructed documents. From newsletter articles to technical documents to personal narratives, these pieces show my competence of writing in multiple genres while expressing my unique voice.

Some of my interests include literature and music. I have played the trumpet for nearly 11 years and have performed with the USI Jazz Ensemble for each of my semesters. My love of literature and music has lead to my interest in studying music as a rhetorical device. In my free time, I enjoy combining literary criticism with music theory to analyze the rhetorical value of film and television scores.

University of Southern Indiana
Focus Newsletter Article

This was the first article I wrote for my Marketing Assistant internship with USI. It was published for the Focus Newsletter. Though I did not interview Holli myself, I was tasked with using her existing interview to craft a highlight about her.

University of Southern Indiana
Focus Newsletter Article

This is another Focus Newsletter article that I co-wrote with a professor. I interviewed two graduate students and helped write a highlight about their experiences with the Petit Jean Performance Festival.

Advanced Composition
The Little Bugle Boy

This is a personal narrative I wrote for an Advanced Composition class. The prompt asked me to describe my favorite item in the world and provide backstory. I wrote about my experiences playing the trumpet and the lessons my instrument has taught me.

Writing for Professions
Recommendation Report

This recommendation report required much time and research to put together. Composed for Writing for the Professions, the report argues in favor of housing options for trans and gender nonconforming students on the University of Southern Indiana's campus. This was the first solo professional piece I have written.

Fundamentals of Grant Writing
Mock Grant Proposal

This is a mock grant proposal I wrote for my Grant Writing class. It was carefully constructed to meet the criteria of a real grant proposal. In it, I propose an original project idea to help the Trevor Project - an LGBTQ+ crisis lifeline - expand their horizons to in person services.

Writing for Professions
Collaborative Tips Memo

The assignment for this project was to create a two page document with tips to help the Romain College of Business students improve their collaboration skills. It was designed to appear as if it were administered by the Romain College of Business itself.

Contemporary Issues in Rhetoric
Film Score Analysis

This is a revised and refined version of an artifact essay composed for Contemporary Issues in Rhetoric. This piece combines my love of music, analysis, and writing by diving into the emotional score of Pixar's "Up" to argue that music can be utilized as a valid form of rhetoric.

Writing for Professions
PEACE Zone 5k brochure

PEACE Zone is non-profit organization that promotes mental health wellness by creating a community with several activities for people who struggle with their mental health. This is a brochure I created in a class competition to help promote their 5k fundraiser. This brochure was runner-up.