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A page of work that serves as examples for the possible podcast Boomtown.

From Hot Cot to Historic Home, Jerome's Little Daisy Hotel is Up for Sale

Jerome's Little Daisy Hotel turned 100 years old on New Year's Eve. It housed miners in the town's heyday, then sat vacant for decades after the mines closed. Now, after a 20-year remodel, the Little Daisy is a 12,000 square-foot home, and it's up for sale with a $6.2 million price-tag.

Arizona Illustrated (Arizona Public Media)
Bisbee's Warren Ballpark is Major Component of Town's History

Bisbee got its start as a mining boomtown in the late 1800s. The town is nestled into the sides of a chain of mountains in Cochise County, meaning flat land is at a premium. So when the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company decided to build a master-planned community in a nearby valley, space for a ballpark was a must.

Arizona Spotlight (Arizona Public Media)
Jerome: From Mining Boom Town to Artist Haven

Jerome's history stretches back to the days when Arizona had not even achieved statehood yet. "1876 was when it was founded. 1899 there was a government put into effect," said Jay Kinsella, general manager of the Jerome Historical Society.

Knau, Arizona Public Radio
Dewey-Humbolt Residents Worry about What the Old Mine Has Left Behind

The town of Dewey-Humboldt, just east of Prescott owes its existence to mining. The mining and smelting operations there produced over one-hundred-million-dollars since the 1870s. But the industry that was the town's lifeblood may now be responsible for making the residents sick. Residents of Dewey-Humboldt gathered at the local elementary school last week.

Arizona Public Media
Bear Down and Outlaw Baseball

Just outside Arizona Stadium on University of Arizona campus sits a statue of a young man whose final message to his teammates became words shouted by many a Tucsonan over the past 90 years. It is pretty easy to find people in Tucson who know John "Button" Salmon's story.