Bob Geiger

Writer, Former Political Blogger

United States

I am a former political blogger who wrote about the U.S. Senate on my own site ( and contributed to The Huffington Post, Alternet and other online publications.

My work has also appeared in major daily newspapers including the San Francisco Examiner, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the New York Journal News.

I'm currently researching a book on the Best and Worst U.S. Senators in American history.

Latest Senate-Race Polling and Musings

Ben Cardin still takes out Michael Steele in Maryland and Montana Democrat Jon Tester ends the pain and embarrassment for Big Sky Country residents and puts GOP goofball Conrad Burns out to pasture.

No Joy This Fourth Of July

The administration has found a way to diminish a great holiday, to make us feel less like proudly waving our flag and to even cause many like me, who have worn our country's uniform, to wonder what the hell it was for.

The Face of Number 4,000 in Iraq

His name is Christopher M. Hake. He was a U.S. Army Staff Sargent. More importantly, he was a husband to wife Kelli and a father to 1-year-old son, Gage.

Senate Predictions Part One: The Races Already Over

Emboldened by the fact that I somehow managed to call every Senate race and the Democratic takeover of the Senate correctly in 2006, I'm just foolish enough to try forecasting this year's outcome.

A Mother's Memorial Day at Arlington

Team Ken is the group of people who meet every Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the life of 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Ballard, who was killed in action May 30, 2004 in Najaf, Iraq at the age of 26.

Gun Debate Solved: Single-Ball Muskets For Everyone!

Here is a Solomon-like solution to our ongoing national battle over guns that should satisfy everyone involved and give all due credit for the Constitutional indignation driving gun advocates.