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Content Marketer at Venngage. I help companies engage audiences & drive revenue.

Mind mapping: everything you need to know to present your ideas visually - 99designs

Mind maps are popular because they're easy to understand. Not just for personal brainstorms, mind maps are charts you can use to present ideas visually to just about anyone-clients, bosses, followers, you name it. You can find mind maps featured in a variety of places, including on social media, in blog posts, in presentations and in internal documents like pitch decks and reports.

Proven Strategies to Power Lead Generation with White Paper Marketing

At the graphic design software startup I work for, we have a small marketing team and no sales team. We have ambitious goals and we're growing rapidly. As you can imagine, that means we're under a lot of pressure to create content that connects with and expands our audience.

The anatomy of a killer logo | Brafton

Trust is a critical issue for brands, both new and old. A recent SurveyMonkey survey found that 65 percent of respondents said that trust in a brand matters "a great deal" or "a lot." It's also hard to build trust. Most consumers prefer to buy from established brands, not new startups, unsurprisingly.

Brit + Co
Is Netflix's Controversial Eating Disorder Film To the Bone Helpful or Harmful?

Netflix's new movie, To the Bone, is stirring the pot of controversy when it comes to eating disorders and how Hollywood portrays them. Lily Collins plays a 20-year-old named Ellen struggling with severe anorexia while at a treatment center for youth suffering from eating disorders. Writer-director Marti Noxon based the script on her own experiences.

Brit + Co
Meet the Pregnant Man Who Wants to Change How We See Trans Bodies

Transgender dad Trystan Reese is making headlines for being a man and being eight months pregnant. Reese isn't becoming a father for the first time; he already has two adopted children with partner Biff Chaplow. But he's making his first pregnancy public in order to help change the way we view trans men, and pregnancy in general.

Keyboard Edu
Digital Piano Keyboard Buying Guide

Whether you're an eager new learner or a seasoned pro, buying a digital piano is a cost-effective investment in musical learning and enjoyment. Plus keyboards now sound and look much more like the acoustic piano that sat in your grandmother's parlour, not like the artificial-sounding models of the past.

"Derelict" Underpass to Be Transformed Into Bright, Shiny Park

Underpass Park is step one in a wider revitalization of the less-than-beautiful West Don Lands area. Once a shabby, forgotten corner of the city, the area under and around the Eastern Avenue, Richmond, and Adelaide overpasses is now undergoing a major revitalization.

The Grid
Condo Brawl

Ossington residents oppose 109OZ condo development

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