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From sculpture and cuisine to city profiles, Julianne has crafted editorial and advertising pieces for web, print, and video. She has written advertorials for local companies as well as created direct-to-consumer brochures and emails for a well-recognized leader in the travel industry.


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2014 MVMAs - Good Eats

Homemade Soup: Norm's White Horse While the "Norm" on the sign doesn't refer to the character of "Cheers" fame, Norm's White Horse certainly is the kind of place "where everyone knows your name." Locals (and former locals) come back to Diane Frechette's family-owned business for many reasons: the waterfront view, fresh seafood and of course the soup.

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The Importance of a Whole House Humidifier in Goshen NY

You're in the perfect position. Your partner is sound asleep and for once, they are not snoring. You are moments away from drifting off yourself when you feel a slight tickle on your shin. No worries, a swipe of the foot should take care of that. But then, the itch seems to be spreading.

Roy's Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Reminder: Schedule Your AC Tune-Up, Buffalo Homeowners!

Dear Buffalo Homeowners, It's that time of year again, spring-cleaning. Time to get up on that ladder and finally take a good hard look at what those ice dams have done to your beloved gutters. Time to donate those, "when I lose ten pounds" jeans and buy yourself a pair of, "I look great now" jeans.


Destinations | Italy

Italy is a diverse country, overflowing with rich-traditions, delicious food, and abundant history. Humans have inhabited the region for more than 200,000 years, and as a result of the Roman Empire's expansion, it was a major player in the development of the Western society. Today, its influence is still felt on the world stage.

2014 MVMAs - House & Garden

Home: Howell Custom Building Group This husband-and-wife-run company is known for its detailed planning process and extensive communication with clients. Stephen and Susan Howell assure home renovations will be timely and cost effective. The duo has completed hundreds of projects ranging from one-room renovations to entire home makeovers.