Bianca Silva

International Freelance Journalist

I'd like to think journalists have a sense of adventure, at the very least I believe they share some sort of stubborn sense of curiosity. The kind that sends them off looking for things. My curiosity led me from Cape Town, South Africa to Bologna, Italy to Washington DC and now I've found myself in San Francisco. Following the trail of innovation, the scent is strong here. Some of this journey was inspired by academic curiosity and some of it was my need to try on another skin, and see if I could contribute a different way, to try out the business side of things. The result: an MA in International Relations and International Economics, a concentration in Energy, Resources and the Environment and work experience in startup companies in the sustainability and clean technology.

Back to the journalism. I'm most content with a challenge, when I have the opportunity to learn. What I've learnt so far, is that, sometimes, regardless of what skins you try on or whether they fit, it is the things that got deep under your skin in the first place that you find yourself circling back to. I'd like to think that this experience makes me a better journalist than I was before.

Favourite beats: alternative energy, sustainable development, international resources and the environment.

Please feel free to browse some of my past work listed here, my blog and LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Also feel free to contact me, feedback to connect or for writing purposes.


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