Bex Pawley

Content, Brand and Social Media Specialist

United Kingdom

Passionate about brand storytelling and community building. Experienced in delivering high organic growth through dynamic campaigns and partnerships, with a core focus on engaging content initiatives that incite action.

LinkedIn Article
Awarded Marketing Campaign of the Year at the Print Week Awards March 2022

I lead on this exciting customer-orientated campaign that was the winner of 'Marketing Campaign of the Year' at the Print Week Awards 2022. The judges of the awards commented "this campaign was a standout winner, a brilliant initiative that delivered brilliant results… a great example of what’s possible with creative marketing - and the value of putting your customers front and centre”.

Viral TikTok launch

TikTok is a platform where we saw a huge opportunity to appeal to our 25-34 audience, and a space to share short form video content that had already had great success across Instagram reels. Within just a few weeks, our content went viral, with over 3.5 million views on one particular video alone. Blog
+97% user growth to Blog

As part of my role managing both social and editorial content at, after 3 years working on our content strategy we are achieving +97% YoY growth to the blog. Having up-skilled myself in the world of SEO and organic search over the past year, a revised approach in 2021 paved the way for record performance across the board. Top performing content includes a Face Mask editorial from 2020, which outperformed the product page on our sales website, and a blog focusing on...

Youtube, Paid Social
Brand Campaign Customer Video Series

I lead on our creative and strategic vision for the 2021 Brand Campaign. This involved meeting with 3 customers around the UK and sharing their stories in a cross-channel campaign. Focused predominantly on YouTube, this activity garnered over 6.1 million impressions across YouTube alone. This was the first time we brought our brand campaign creation 'in-house' having historically used agencies to conceptualise, film and edit. The campaign was so successful that we are now running...

YouTube Tutorials Project

As part of our customer retention efforts, I conceptualised and briefed a host of 'how to' video pieces to help customers with their graphic design skills. These videos have seen huge growth in the past two years. Since the revamp of these important assets, they have now replaced the older video content and are our amongst our most popular playlists on YouTube. Customer comments are hugely positive, and the videos also make up a detailed 'help' section of our website. Blog
Sponsorship initiative with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

I facilitated a partnership with The Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2019. We continued with this partnership in 2020 despite the pandemic, to hammer home that entrepreneurship was alive and well. In 2019 we provided all the print for direct mailers, certificates and brochures and banners on the night. In 2020 the event ran virtually, but I was able to attend and liaise with a number of small businesses with an amazing story to tell. In turn we collated a huge amount of content that... Blog
Post-pandemic PR: A collaborative editorial

As part of our core content strategy of being a 'thought-leader' for our small business customers, I regularly collaborate and work with like-minded brands that can help elevate both our profile and theirs. PR Dispatch is the UK's first affordable PR membership platform supporting product-based businesses to DIY their own PR and gain magazine coverage themselves. They were perfectly positioned to help us excite and enthuse our customers about revamping their PR post-pandemic. This content was... Blog
Covid-19 Resource and Support Content

Since the first lockdown when I found myself as one of the few members of the marketing team not left on furlough, my attention was drawn towards social media as a means of support for our customers and community. I wrote and published a plethora of content both in support and celebration of our customers powering through a very dark time. Our 'Covid 19 resources blog' was particular successful, and offered a number of discounts and money-saving tips to help small businesses keep going. I... Blog
Progressive editorial feature with The Vagina Museum

As a company proud to put small businesses and creatives at our core, we celebrated International Women's Day with the Vagina Museum charity, a very big customer of ours. This subject matter resonated fantastically with our predominantly female customer base, with the blog alone achieving 1,000 hits in the first 3 days. A short form video taken of our visit can be found here: and Cetaphil Social Media
Cetaphil Skincare sampling campaign

To launch Cetaphil in the UK, my job was to help build a social community rapidly and increase brand awareness of this popular US product. I organised a mass scale free sample campaign, with the first 1,000 follower to receive a free sample pack of Cetaphil minis. In return we also built a small database with which to build upon. As an additional part of a brand awareness piece I ran a number of free sample events for the skincare brand Cetaphil. This involved use of our brand ambassador at...