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I am passionate about writing and being creative. Prior to becoming a blog writer for a supplement company, I wrote for various newspapers throughout Southern California. I love being able to connect with people through my writing!

Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Dogs

Planning a road trip with your dog? While you're making a list of items to take, don't forget snacks for your dog! Snacks are an essential part of road trips for humans and dogs alike. Road trips don't mean you have to compromise your dog's health with unhealthy snacks.

Safe Traveling for Dogs

What to do when traveling and your dog suffers an unexpected injury or aliment. These helpful tips can can save you time, money and most importantly, your dog's life.

Best Source of Protein for Dogs | Vegetarian Dog Food

It's consumer trade show season for us here at Bio-Rep Animal Health, and a lot of people have been asking if Boneo Canine is vegetarian-friendly (Boneo is a liver and sausage tablet sourced from beef).

Social justice for LGBT groups through art

To promote social justice and support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, Art with an Agenda presented: Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. More than 100 artists banded and produced 156 works based on this subject at the Magoski Arts Colony in Downtown Fullerton. The exhibit opened Friday.

Think before adopting

Pet experts say there are many things to consider before making a purchase or adoption during the holiday season. K.C. Theisen, director of pet care at the Humane Society of the United States, said people often "impulse buy" when it comes to pets.

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