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Betsy Martin

Editorial Audiobook Proofer, Brilliance Audio

Location icon United States of America

Betsy Martin recently graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, with degrees in English and Writing. She accepted the position of Audiobook Proofer at Brilliance Audio, an Amazon imprint. She has interned for Miss Millennia Magazine as a marketing and editorial intern and wrote for satirical campus newspaper, The Black Sheep.

She resides in Grand Rapids. She is pursuing opportunities in the publishing industry.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Why You Should Travel Now -- Not When You Can "Finally Afford It"

Travel has been on my radar since I started college. I didn't feel like taking out more student loans to study abroad but I felt the magnetism that is attached to foreign travel and have been making plans ever since I began my freshman year in 2010.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Safety App-arel

You shouldn't have to worry about your safety - no matter where you live. Take your safety seriously with the new emergency notification services. The other night, my girlfriends and I went out to a bar in downtown Grand Rapids. We've never really had to worry about incidents happening to or around us, because we assume the city is safe.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Don't Be a Slave to Social Media

The understatement of the century might be "Facebook has had a pretty good run." The website, born out of Harvard's brightest drop-out just ten years ago, has completely revolutionized the way we share information. How did our socially-predisposed selves ever do without it?

Miss Millennia Magazine
The 5 Types of Roommates You Meet on Craigslist

There's something exciting about going into a roommate situation completely blind. Facebook has managed to spoil the fun of walking into your new place not knowing a single thing about your possible friend or enemy. Whether you're just starting college or consider yourself the 'roommate whisperer,' you're bound to encounter some different personalities.

Miss Millennia Magazine
3 Reasons Why It's Easier to Make Friends with a Guy

Let's be honest here. We love our female friends, but sometimes our relationships are so complicated. Making friends with other women can come as naturally as it did on the playground all those years ago, when two people instantly click, or they can be the fruit of actual labor, a friendship that blossomed because you worked at it.

Take Care of Yourself For Once

Self-love isn’t some hippie term with no real substance. Take care of yourself for once. Somewhere along this crazy millennial timeshift, women have discovered that they have an obligation to themselves. Not just "I should take care of myself as well as others," a sort of begrudging obligation (that isn't really honest) but an awakening of sorts that leads to the epiphany of I deserve to be happy.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Why "You're Not Falling Behind"

20 Jun 2014 Posted by Betsy Martin Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of "advice" there is floating around the internet these days. A majority of my Facebook news feed is taken up by suggested posts from friends and family who are reading anything from Buzzfeed to The New York Times, updating their followers on their latest DIYs and financial investments.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Family Hates Your Significant Other? Here are 4 Things to Consider - Miss Millennia Magazine

14 May 2014 Posted by Betsy Martin Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /home3/jasminew/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advertwhirl/libs/AdvertwhirlAllocations.php on line 130 You think this person is the one. He could potentially be the partner you grow old with,...

Miss Millennia Magazine
Low-Key Summer Beauty Advice - Miss Millennia Magazine

04 Jun 2014 Posted by Betsy Martin Summer heat does wonders for the soul. After months of cold weather, all you want is a fresh breeze stirring your curtains and whipping your hair in an adorable fashion. Unfortunately, heat means sweat, and sweat means sticky foundation and runny mascara.

Miss Millennia Magazine
Workout DVDs Can Be Awesome - Miss Millennia Magazine

29 May 2014 Posted by Betsy Martin Going to the gym can be intimidating. It's often crowded with gym rats and buff men, pumping iron in 'roid rage. You don't even feel comfortable hopping on the elliptical or treadmill in your high school T-shirt and tattered cotton shorts.

The Black Sheep Online
7 Ways to Call Off Work the Morning After St. Pattys Day

Article by Betsy Martin | March 14, 2014 Getting slobbering drunk on our hallowed St. Patrick's Day doesn't take much effort. Little to no planning is required if intoxication is the goal. However, covering for your sorry ass the morning after will take some commitment.

The Black Sheep Online
Junior Circumvents Registration Hazards, Named Dean in the Process

Article by Betsy Martin | March 26, 2014 If you've been at Grand Valley for more than a few semesters, or around the block at any campus, you understand the rigors of registration. Some lunatic in the registrar's office decided that 7 a.m.

The Black Sheep Online
An Open Letter to the Poor Soul Hacking Up a Lung

Article by Betsy Martin | October 30, 2013 First off, may I inquire about your overall well-being? How are you? Are you comfortable? Have the new chairs received the adequate amount of butt pressure to reach that perfect state of broken-in? You sure do have a case of whooping cough.

The Black Sheep Online
Mary Idema Pew Library Edition

Article by Betsy Martin | December 4, 2013 It's finals week, lazy-bones, and there is nothing newfangled or novel about the study habits you're about to witness if you brave the library in the coming days. Your peers are cracking down and cracking under the enormous pressure of raising that D to a comfortable C-.

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