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My creative works are the tools I use to educate and inspire audiences into a deeper engagement with the world we all share.


Podcasts and Videos

Creative, Computer Savvy Communications

To be published soon!
Examples From Early Draft Bird Book

Illustrations that offer creative context to help early birders learn to identify birds by sound. The text and layout are still in early draft form, but I have illustrations complete for over 50 species. I'm also working on putting these images in videos and adding audio of my descriptions and the actual bird songs and calls.

TNR Newsletter
Red Cliff Treaty Natural Resources Newsletter

Quarterly newsletter for which I write articles, compile contributions, design covers, layout, and distribute. Cover photos by me, and my articles are credited with my name (pages 6,7,21,27 and 29).

Essays and Articles

MS Portfolio
The Draw of the Long-Eared Owl

A day in the field with owl biologist, Denver Holt, highlights the science behind long-eared owl habitat conservation.

A Substantial Endeavor

Locals react with global concern as the first heavy haul shipments en route to tar sands oil breach the borders of Missoula, Montana.

MS Portfolio
A New Day's Blue Beauties

Sage grouse and the science, policy, and inherent values that weigh into land management decisions. Some baby Brewer's sparrows make an appearance too.

Camas: The Nature of the West
Glacier: A Love Letter

Celebrating Glacier National Park's Centennial Anniversary. Published in Camas: The Nature of the West Literary Journal.

A Natural History of Now: Reports from the Edge of Nature
Hush Little Baby

Reflections on life as related to a goldfish. Published in the compilation, A Natural History of Now: Reports from the Edge of Nature.

Back to the Wagon

An explanation of life as a shepherd and a fun entry point to my blog,

Montana Natural History Center
A Field Note On Beavers

A quick natural history on beavers written and later recorded for the Montana Natural History Center's Montana Public Radio Field Notes segment.